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Banks – Begging for Thread

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Tranni & Fapper -Savage Jay & MTFR

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video: Gate crashing Chicago Mad Decent Block Party

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The Mad Decent Chicago Block Party which included headliners such as Nadastrom, 12th Planet and Action Bronson reached capacity by 6pm. 2 hrs later fans started rushing the gates and the event was shut down.

Buraka Som Sistema – Tira o Pe

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We’re watching them perform LIVE tonight.

Cant. Fukkin. Wait.

“The End is Near” Tour – Miami, FL

On February 2, 2012, The End is Near tour hit Miami,FL at Grand Central. Even though the city was still recovering from the Mothership Tour, these L.A cats were ready to do more damage. This stop of the tour had Flinch and 12th Planet reppin the west while JWLS and Craze were reppin for Miami.

I caught the end of Flinch’s set. Craze did a lot of the DRT DWG stuff, which went off!!! 12th Planet did what 12th Planet does. He didnt crowd surf though but thats only because of the stage setup. Even then Im sure he was still figuring out a way around that.


12th Planet and Atrosolis (Hex “Meet and Greet” winner)

Craze and Flinch

Danny United, Roz & Craze

Craze, Atrosolis & Flinch


Clams Casino- Im God (video)

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One of my new favorite producers

Odd Future w/Lil Wayne on Halloween

I made it to the Odd Future show last night in Miami.

-Left Brain jump kicked someone in the crowd and started wailing on them. Kind of like a long jump in the olympics into somebodys head followed by a series of punches.
“We dont play that shit this is wolf gang” – Hodgy
*** I still wanna know why and need eyewitness accounts ***

-White dude puked in the mosh pit 5 minutes after Odd Future came on.

-Security gave white dude a mop and made him clean up his puke.
Mosh. Puke. Mop. Mosh.

-2 kids pushed over the rail in the pit area

-Lil Wayne came out in a wolf costume.
* Thats a highlight if you give a fuck about him, I dont.

-“I have fukkin Left Brains footprint on me!” -some kid in a robe,he was pretty happy about it

So apparently this is what happened: via

so i fucking saw odd future on monday night
apparently when hodgy was crowdsurfing, this guy directly infront of me slapped him in the face and hodgy got down on the ground and started beating the shit out of him
then left brain drop kicked him from off the stage and started beating him up too
and i had to take hodgy off of this dude and be like yo, chill


Syd the Kid

Mosh and puke.

A fan drew this. Pretty dope.

Wolf Gaaaaaang


The Ivy League -Outta my mind

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My two homies doin the damn thang !!!

Tyler The Creator x BADBADNOTGOOD – Fish

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Dope jam session