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Get it while its hot

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This was part of the “Rock of Ages” downtown takeover. They shot in Miami and used Vagabond as part of the set. Final_IMG_0139

Art Basel 2011 – Wednesday – Thursday

As per usual there are a billion events during Basel. A whole lot of wack shit but here are a few events we’re definitely fukkin with:

Tonight (Wednesday)-  This here is about the gangster’ist gallery in the history of mankind.

Read about it here…


 Ms Jazmin aka Vintage Vandalizm will be in town w/ Kweenz Destroy.

Cope 2 : Rise to the Occasion

DATE: December 1–December 4, 2011

LOCATION: 167 NW 25th Street, The Wynwood Arts District, Miami, Florida 33127

TIME: Opening Reception, Thursday, December 1, 7pm–10pm

Gallery Hours: December 2–4, 2011, 11am–7pm


 Jonathan Mannion is a legendary photographer in the HipHop community. Youve definitely seen his work. I just found out last night that A$AP Rocky is performing too! Im looking forward to this right hurrrr.

 I want to see Black Lips perform.This is gonna be jumpin for sure. One of our homies is also gonna drown us in Sailor Jerry rum. fuck.

For my dubstep fix. This shit is gonna be BRUTAL. Hatcha and N-Type do not fuck around. Both times they’ve been here on their own they’ve destroyed shit. Now their powers combined!?! -_- Shit just got real.

Dj Craze – Vagabond Miami

Dj Craze came through one mo’gain to Vagabond for Shake in Miami.  Slow Roast parties are always a must, plus I have to show the home team support.  Ash Rock opened up for Craze, whose set was a more aggressive and even more bass heavy than usual.  That just goes to show Dj Craze’s infinite crowd controlling diversity.  He also didnt wear a hat, I wonder if that was the reason? Hmmm.

My home town Dj > your home town Dj

* Even though I said this over a year ago, look out for my homie Louie Arson.  He’s Slow Roast fam and can rock a party like no other.

Virus Syndicate MRK 1 at Get Low – Miami

Virus Syndicate ( MRK 1, JSD and Nika ) came through for Get Low and handled business.  It might sound like 2 mc’s over dubstep/dnb is overkill but yo, it was dope.  JSD and Nika did it. MRK 1’s tracks are already on point and they definitely got the crowd live.  Plus I got a DnB fix so Im good.

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Zeds Dead for Get Low in Miami

By far one of the rowdiest nights I’ve seen at Get Low. Zeds Dead came through and really just fucked shit up. A proper way to see off the last Get Low of the 2010.  Everybody lost their car keys and ironically I felt like I got hit by a Canadian Bass truck the next morning. Soooo worth it.

Rok The Spot facebook
for full album click here…

Art Bastard Spot Rokkers

Art Basel was kind of a blur. These are a few of the people that were blessed enough to receive an Art Bastard shirt. We did alot of roaming around miami that week. Max Fish (formerly PS14) Shore Club, Vagabond, OhWow Gallery, White Room, Awarehouse. Not included in the pics, but lucky recipients of Art Bastard shirts include Fab 5 Freddy, Danger Mouse and Iggy Pop.

We were hanging out at the Shore Club when Russell Simmons showed up and kinda flew through the crowd. So Carlos approached Uncle Rush and before he could say anything, Russell Simmons saw the Art Bastard shirt and said “thats a cool-ass shirt”. Nuff Said.

legendary graffiti photographer Martha Cooper

Liz of Gang Gang Dance. they destroyed Max Fish with their performance. that was a helluva show my friends. the real deal. and because we appreciate great shows, Liz got a shirt =]

more pics coming soon!!!