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Ms Potter


Basel hasnt even officially started yet and the bra’s are already flying…

Hello Wynwood,Miami

Arrogant Motherfucker

No offense to Mr. Lif but thats the title that popped in my head when I was  looking at the picture on my laptop. Mr. Lif is actually a pretty cool dude btw. Anyways Im experimenting with new forms of mixed media (atleast for me) . I was really psyched about completing this one.  -Carlos #ArtBastard


DJ Woodo vs. J-Loop – Believe In Fate? …and old Bboy drawing

Being able to go off on my uprock is always a good sign of me recovering from a flu/fever. Certified flavor for days homie.Fuck you and your Dougie dance…this is a bboy character i drew of myself  in  “07” while I was bored in my Graphic Design class .I tried to go as simple as possible on the character since most bboy characters look like they were drawn by the same guy.


Rok The Spot x Lucy O’Lovely x Rocky Herrera

that lovely trunk is from Raquel “Rocky” Herrera, Ms Hardbody June 2009.
that sticker is from Rok The Spot.
that photo was taken by Lucy O’Lovely.

the pleasure, is all yours.

stay tuned for more Rok The Spot stickers on awesome locations…