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Love is timeless.Love is the key

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One of the good things that came out of me being sick the past couple of days was me being able to stay at home  and finally finish this piece

DJ Woodo vs. J-Loop – Believe In Fate? …and old Bboy drawing

Being able to go off on my uprock is always a good sign of me recovering from a flu/fever. Certified flavor for days homie.Fuck you and your Dougie dance…this is a bboy character i drew of myself  in  “07” while I was bored in my Graphic Design class .I tried to go as simple as possible on the character since most bboy characters look like they were drawn by the same guy.


Dave LaChapelle x Jerry Springer

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A camera phone pic i took of Jerry Springer from the Hotel LaChapelle book. This is one of my favorite photography books of all time.I found it at Barnes & Nobles and the book was literally falling apart with missing pages. I asked the manager if he could sell it to me on the reduced tip because of its conditions but he insisted on selling it at full price.I guess he thought I was a sucker. I ended putting a sticker and taking a camera phone pic of all the images that I liked from his book . I retouched the original image a bit to give it a grimier effect. Dave LaChapelle x Rok The Spot  collabo coming soon,haha.

Sneak Preview

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I found a sketch I started around 2004 a week before I got my wisdom teeth pulled out.I had this irratating pain in my gums that felt like somebody was literally twisting a rusty screwdriver in my gums (No Method-Man intended).I went to the Doctor ,got some antibiotics in the meanwhile, went home and started this drawing while my Mom was preparing me almost a weeks worth of smoothies.This is just a fraction of the drawing because the entire piece is actually 2 pages.The  girls face  in the drawing is actually a combination of facial features of these two girls that I know.I happened to find them really annoying at the time and this was my was of saying “SHUTTUP ALREADY”…stay tuned for the finished product

Flipz5 from Rok The Spot Artwork

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I thought I posted these somewhere else.  What actually happened is I probably forgot about them as soon as I watermarked them. Im sorry sketchy’s, I still got love for y’alls.

“normal” people dont make history – Flipz5

Dj Craze “Bang Bang” WMC 2010

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Heres some footage (shot by Yoyi of LivingTV) of Dj Craze gettin busy at the Bang Bang party during WMC 2010. For me it was one of the most anticipated parties. As expected, shit was rediculouuuuuuuusssssss!

If you enjoy the presence of beatiful ladies and a party atmosphere, that was the place to be. I spotted a few pornstars in the place to be. By the end of the night the club was paaaaaaacked. Also heard from a few people that some left their own parties to hit up BangBang. I dont blame them, it was the official jammy jam.

Cant wait till next year!

Our local Dj > your local Dj

Dj Craze
Slow Roast Records

*On a side note, the way i had to beg to get this footage you’d think I was asking for the secret to life. Thats why it took so long to upload.

Erykah Badu portrait by Carlos

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heres a portrait of the lovely Erykah Badu painted by Carlos of Rok The Spot.

She was scheduled to be down here for Winter Music Conference a year or two ago. We tried to make it to a panel she was going to speak at but destiny said “nah pimpin, maybe later”.

She has a new single out “Jump in the air and stay there”.

i dig it.

check it on her site: Erykah Badu.Com

Dj Salami Fingaz

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A picture I took of  my homie Dj Salami Fingaz with a shitty digi-cam  i have while he was up in NY…very constructive yet destructive weekend…

Salami Fingaz Blog