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SpaceGhostPurrp + Raider Klan fight at ASAP Rocky show in Miami

Details are still sketchy. But at least 4 shots were fired at the A$AP Rocky show here in Miami at the Fillmore.  Other artists that performed were Danny Brown, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul. Heard it was a really good show too.

Apparently after the show ended, members of Raider Klan confronted A$AP crew by the artist entrance. They crashed the fukkin party. A$AP Bari sounds like one of the cats that got in to it. My brother was at the show and he hit me up a while ago letting me know the bullshit that had just happened.

* Update

Running up on anyone at The Fillmore might be pretty gangster but dumb as fuck. That place is swamped w/police already. Tweeting endlessly about it is also not the smartest thing to do but thanks for keeping us informed.

*** The video footage dude was talking about is just cops standing over SpaceGhostPurrp. No actual fighting or anything.

-Other witnesses report hearing 7 or more shots.

-An unidentified fellow was seen trying to stash an object and then got tackled by more than 5 officers of the law.

-Some sources say SGP was not arrested.

-According to twitter (the most credible and reliable source for recent happenings)
ASAP Bari took the losing end of a fight. A fan jumped in the fight as well, but not to help him.


* Added –  a whole lot of incriminating tweets to follow.

SpaceGhostPurrp getting arrested/detained
via @SneakerheadEric

via @SneakerheadEric

Outside of the Fillmore after the altercation
photo by Carlos Rok The Spot