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TRU – Bout it Bout it

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Tranni & Fapper -Savage Jay & MTFR

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* update* Havoc beefing with Prodigy?

Havoc went off on Prodigy late Sunday night via twitter.

Last I checked there weren’t any responses from either Prodigy or…Rihanna?


Prodigy joked saying he bought this belt for Havoc:

Havoc claims his phone was stolen the night before and that it wasnt him making the posts. Then audio clips of Havoc surfaced online somewhere I guess talking about P. Prodigy claims they’re good and they just “set traps”, meaning that the whole ordeal was intentional. A lot of people are more confused than anything cuz something about it doesn’t add up. Oh well. On top of that, anonymous sources claim that theres been mad tension between them for a long time and there will probably never be another Mobb Deep album again.


Iggy Azalea

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Things you already know about Iggy Azalea:
She’s raunchy and she’s a blonde Australian fox. But she can say whatever she wants cuz shes a fine muh’fukka and she can rap.

Things you might now know about her:
The name “Iggy” comes from a pet dog she had that just seemed invincible, a scrappy mutt that refused to die. “Azalea” comes from a street near her neighborhood in Australia.

At 17 She saved up some money as a cleaning lady to make her dreams come true and moved to Miami where she paid about $400 for rent. I don’t know her living situation but 4 papers anywhere in Miami has to be pretty hood. Respect.


*** Lesser known Iggy facts ***

     I’ve been following her on the twitters and checked her on Ustream and shes just a regular down to earth person. Sweet and humble. She keeps in touch with her fans as much as she can and on a consistent basis. Iggy is also a pretty honest lady. She can count on one hand the dudes that’ve piped her. I hope she’s referring to the big foam hand with 2 fingers you see at sports games because I want to believe she’s a real life angel. Pure as can be.

download her mixtape “Ignorant Art” here…

ASAP Rocky – Bass (Prod. by Clams Casino)

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How We Livin’ – Young Murder Squad

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Some good ol fashion four fingers up with the two twisted in the middle playurrrrr…Back when Joe Claire hosted Rap City

Outsidaz- Rah Rah

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I cock the glock like Funk Docta Spock and i represent “ROK THE SPOT” daily!!!

Any good furniture rap songs for 2010 ?????…I found one.

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Hey, hey,hey.It’s just like,its just like,its just like a mini-mawwllll….