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Nike x Supreme Jordan 5 camo


Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet


Van Styles x Jason Peterson Q+A


As part of the Miami Street Photography Festival 2016, a photo walk and Q+A were prepared to take place in downtown Miami. Very important QnA.
I missed the photo walk cuz I’m fried and went to the Leica store first but made it to the q+a and  gained awesome insight on the craft. It also took me about 45 minutes to get a Publix sub before I went so Im surprised I made it on time at all. Also took 10 minutes to check out in the express lane behind one person. While waiting, a dude dressed as Mr Incredible grabbed his backpack that he’d left at customer service, then stood in front of the automatic doors with his hands up like he had super powers to open the doors. I digress.

“Fuck. Idk shit about photography” – @jasonmpeterson
(I think he knows a thing or two)

@vanstyles (paraphrased)
– Focus on your craft and the recognition n $ will come in due time.

I asked a question about infringement. Jason went on to say what he’d do if companies are knowingly taking his photos without coughing up the $$$. His reply was very Chicago and very appreciated.

Scouting for The Walking Dead

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Whats in the Bag?!

So what’s in the bag,BRO?!
*The guy next to me had a fukking bag of CILANTRO!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK

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Earth Aventures w/Jessica Rivas

I arrived on planet Earth a week before Art Basel. I met up with space meow Ms Jessica Rivas. We wandered the beach and she captured some excellent footage.

We walked around and I manifested luminescent spheres for my own amusement.

We went hat shopping. What do you think of this hat?!
Although theres no photographic evidence, Jessica inhaled a large pizza by herself. At the pizza spot we met a cool dude nicknamed “Lalo” w/ill custom Peruvian theme tattoos. Interesting fellow. And mad drunk.

We went to da club for a little while after da beach. I got behind the camera and captured Ms Rivas groovin.

Just Blaze @ Grand Central – Yoyi & Frizko’s bday [video + photo recap]

Just Blaze came thru for our homies Yoyi and Frizko’s birthday. Good times with good people. Did a little pre-partying at the Doubletree Grand Hotel for cakes and drank. Plenty of animals were at the show. And shout out to the 4am space cake.

Just Blaze

Frizko, Jake Jefferson & Yoyi

Just Blaze, Jake Jefferson & Aramis Lorie

Hello Wynwood,Miami

Ira Chernova Interview

Ira Chernova is a Russian photographer/model.  I had seen her photos floating around  the internet (uncredited) for months and months and kept wondering, WHO IS SHEEEE?!?!?  Luckily I found out through =] Since then I’ve been able to chat with her and keep up with her work.

Ira Chernova has only been taking photos for a few years after coming across an old camera.   She’s been giving us beautiful images from both sides of the lens ever since.  Her travels have taken her across Russia, France, Portugal, Holland, Czech Republic and maybe someday *fingers crossed*, the United States.  Ira has also been featured in Inked Magazine and shot for Dillinger Escape Plan.

It took longer for me to pick the photos to use than it did for her to get back to me.   You cant blame me because if I could, I’d use all of her photos.
Here’s what she had to say.

What equipment do you shoot with?

It all depends from my mood and the type of picture i’m looking for

Do you prefer film or digital and why?

Can not really choose, i like it both. Absolutely different types of pics.

I feel the same way, I miss the darkroom process of shooting film though.

by Ekaterina Grigorieva

A good amount of photographers I’ve met have another artistic talent that they’re interested in or are good at. Do you?

Nope, unfortunately I’m quite miserable in knowing how to do only one thing.

Aw, well its better to be really great at one thing than mediocre at several things.

You are another photographer that doesn’t consider herself a model, but takes great self portraits. If the opportunity presents itself for you to make a living modeling full-time, would you accept?

You know, it always depends. Everything goes so closer nowadays, but I

can be doing it only in the case I have enough time for my photography.

Where do you want to be with your photography a year from now? Magazines, solo shows, touring w/bands?

I want it all!

Even though you are a work-aholic, what do you do for fun

that is not photography related?

Emmmm… can not think about anything certain. I guess just hanging out with my friends is enough. Or clothes shopping, damn, I love it.

You said some people where you live don’t like that you have tattoos.  Did you know this before you got yours, or care?  Because even though you say you’re shy that seems brave.

I’m not thinking about impressing or frightening anybody with tattoos… I love them, I’m making it for myself, it’s just not very comfortable getting attention in the streets, people should think about themselves instead of criticizing others.

If you hadn’t found photography 4 years ago, what would you be doing now?

No idea

I’ll tell you this though, everyone is happy that photography found you.

How did you get your head in a dinosaur’s mouth?  It’s a rare photo to see you so smiley =]

Haha, yeah, I just do not have many “live” photos. It is just a sweet toy in a store.

Haha.  AwwwmNomnomnommm.

Coolest thing that has happened to you as a result of photography?

Ive met many awesome people.

How do you feel about the photos posted online that don’t credit you?

It’s internet, nothing can be done about it.

by Mary Kuzmenkova

Sad but true.  Whenever I see art/photography that I like, I always want to know who the artist is so I could see more.

How does it feel though to see that after only a few years of taking pictures, they’re all over the internet?

Mmm, it’s not the level yet i wanna reach but not the worse beginning at the same time.

After browsing your journal, I could  definitely see progression in your work, especially recently.

Its obvious that you’re a Metallica fan, what music do you listen to that puts you in a happy mood?

Metallica have plenty of happy songs 🙂 I like Jane’s Addiction, Tricky, Prodigy, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly etc

What is beautiful to you?

Beauty is everything what we love.

What is your favorite part of traveling?

I will sound really boring again but it’s all in together

Any plans to visit the U.S?

Yep, planning it for a long time. Hope to have some nice work somewhere soon to finally be able to afford it during summer.

Awesome! The entire country awaits for your arrival.

If I don’t ask many people will be upset.  Are you happy and single/taken/ unavailable?

Then I can help people not being upset telling that i’m happily single.

I could actually hear people smiling after that response. Thank you so much for your time!

For more of Ira Chernova’s work:



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