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Futuristic Medusa

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Finished this piece a while ago just been to busy to upload my latest work

Laughing at Adversity

One of the quickest pieces ive done in a while. Cant remember the last time I completed a piece without somehow frustrating myself .Special thanks to Gabby for reminding me that the process of creating art is suppose to be fun. Thats pretty much the way i remember art being when i was a little kid. I  really needed that . (insert a big smiley face here !!!!)

Arrogant Motherfucker

No offense to Mr. Lif but thats the title that popped in my head when I was  looking at the picture on my laptop. Mr. Lif is actually a pretty cool dude btw. Anyways Im experimenting with new forms of mixed media (atleast for me) . I was really psyched about completing this one.  -Carlos #ArtBastard


Love is timeless.Love is the key

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One of the good things that came out of me being sick the past couple of days was me being able to stay at home  and finally finish this piece

DJ Woodo vs. J-Loop – Believe In Fate? …and old Bboy drawing

Being able to go off on my uprock is always a good sign of me recovering from a flu/fever. Certified flavor for days homie.Fuck you and your Dougie dance…this is a bboy character i drew of myself  in  “07” while I was bored in my Graphic Design class .I tried to go as simple as possible on the character since most bboy characters look like they were drawn by the same guy.


Frequencies To Fuck a certain Girl(All pigment ink freestyle)

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This piece is based on one of many deep conversations that my boy and I had on  frequencies and vibrations last week. Later on around 3am a certain lady friend that Ive been wanting to “SMANG”  for a while crossed my mind. Ever since I met her I kinda felt the vibe that one day she was gonna let me have my way with her. As a matter of fact a couple of months back that I was drunk at a club I finally atleast made out with her (Damn Carlos  your mad High School widdit) and just as things were getting intense with potential to go further, Mr. Cockblock made his cameo appearance in a really blatantly intrusive manner.Ive seen her after that but havent done shit cause most of those times she had been around friends and she seems to act hesitant around them.I also didnt wanna come off as a creep since we were both drunk that night.When truth is I wanna tell her  ” I want a piece of  that ass like kids in Africa want water and baby Im thirsty!!!”…Like I was saying it was 3am, im fried like an Empanada and this specific girl crossed my mind.So instead of me Hand-Jamming myself into a Bavarian Cream (Even though im Colombian) I decided to pick up a pen and imagined “What if I can draw out frequencies to make her come to my house and want to get Shyla Stylez nasty with me” (Btw look up Shyla Stylez ,she’s a fanastic actress). Any ways to my certain Lady  “friend” if youre reading this and youve realized this is about  you ,give me a call and lets play a game where you can act like my naughty neighbor and Im ringing your door bell repeatedly.At this point with you my words have built up and Ive lost the finesse in telling you what i want to do because I will most likely blurt out “I WANNA TEAR YOU UP LIKE A KID THATS TRYING TO HIDE A BAD REPORT CARD!!!!

So this is one of the perks of being single unless youre a cheater but even though I am one to clown around this is actually took me some courage to put out publically

About to Embark on Journee ( I spelled it like that accidentally when i was tripping therefore the title will stay)

So I did this piece around 2001 which was the first time i did acid (i think). Anyways I  added some finishing touches to it about 2 weeks ago because everytime i would look back to it seemed as if something was missing.Besides that and im pretty sure i have a minor case of OCD or you can just call me a perfectionist/genius.

I had got back from a long eventful evening  and in the struggle to keep my brother awake to talk shit with me he ended up going to sleep  but leaving me inspired to draw something of my own after him showing me something he was working on.I stayed up to actually start and finish what i thought was gonna be a never ending drawing at the time. As a matter of fact i stayed up til 11:30am  and had even got a chance to catch back to back episodes of Teletubbies which by the way that show  makes perfect sense when youre tripping.

Im not one to advocate the usage of psychedllics for the sake of creativity.I love psychedellic pieces but I can honestly say that theres about  3 pieces that ive been under that type of influence and creating “art” was never the intention when i did them.Honestly if im tripping out like that i rather use that time to seek adventures therefore I dont feel the urge to sit down and draw. I think its retarded when people automatically assume that one would have to be on drugs to create or come up with innovative perspectives.Im not knocking the usage of it  but personally i think its sad  because it seems like people have lost faith in themselves and that only through drugs it is safe for them to express their inner child/creative side or achieve greatness..Shit, im the type of person that will tell you that if you give me 2months of nonstop practice I could have beat Jordan in  his prime in a one on one game.Even if its just me saying it .Please believe that i will push as hard in that direction to make my victory come true or atleast give him a game worth talking about. I know that sounds crazy but i think its even crazier when people are given the open lane to push the boundaries and open up minds for something new yet they do absolutely nothing about it but go with the current. Now that i  got that off my chest. Rest in Peace  Jim Henson and Bob Ross because those were my 2 biggest influences when I was a little kid that  had no idea what “Art” was about,I just liked drawing.

New Piece of the day

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Ealier last month I created  another piece incorporating Slow Roast Records Ludwig Von Pig. I liked the Character so much i decided to do one more and here are the results.Finished this at 6:30am     

Life Like Pen Drawings – Juan Francisco Casas

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This is the work of Spanish artist, Juan Francisco Casas. He has mucho talento. For real tho.

website: Juan Francisco Casas

Flipz5 Sketch

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by Flipz5 Rok The Spot