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Ana Breezy

Downtown flicks with Ana Breezy.

After shooting we hopped on that boat for a very exclusive tour of the Atlantic with Prince.

Yes, THAT Prince.





Janessa Suarez_behind the scenes w/Will 2 Kill

Karen invited me to come by and check out the Will 2 Kill meet and greet. It was a bit of a drive for what Im used to but definitely worth it. I got some video of the event and a few photos as well.

Janessa in Montce Swimwear at the Will 2 Kill meet and greet.
Total sweetheart and poses effortlessly. Hope to work with her in the near future.




Janessa_bts Janessa_Car



Behind the scenes – Tow Yard

Sofia Roque : Fly Girl Rokkin The Spot

I had the honor of shooting the lovely Sofia Roque’s video debut.
We’ve done several photo shoots together but really wanted to turn things up a notch.
This was a fun, spur of the moment,  on the quick fast kinda thing we shot at headquarters.
But we’re quite proud of how it turned out.
Our cutoff logo tee, some music, a whole lotta laughing and you have, magic.

Thank you, Sofia <3

Eye Candy Roks : Aleksandra Wydrych

Aleksandra Wydrych
Polish photographer/model.

* Featured in Vogue as photo of the day 1/1/2012 *





Ladyfox blog

Iggy Azalea

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Things you already know about Iggy Azalea:
She’s raunchy and she’s a blonde Australian fox. But she can say whatever she wants cuz shes a fine muh’fukka and she can rap.

Things you might now know about her:
The name “Iggy” comes from a pet dog she had that just seemed invincible, a scrappy mutt that refused to die. “Azalea” comes from a street near her neighborhood in Australia.

At 17 She saved up some money as a cleaning lady to make her dreams come true and moved to Miami where she paid about $400 for rent. I don’t know her living situation but 4 papers anywhere in Miami has to be pretty hood. Respect.


*** Lesser known Iggy facts ***

     I’ve been following her on the twitters and checked her on Ustream and shes just a regular down to earth person. Sweet and humble. She keeps in touch with her fans as much as she can and on a consistent basis. Iggy is also a pretty honest lady. She can count on one hand the dudes that’ve piped her. I hope she’s referring to the big foam hand with 2 fingers you see at sports games because I want to believe she’s a real life angel. Pure as can be.

download her mixtape “Ignorant Art” here…

Shonagh Marshall for K-Swiss

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Killer smiles are like kryptonite.

by Jake Davis

Alexia Lim

If you follow Rok The Spot on Tumblr (you should be), then you know that weeks ago I went out to the beach for a spiritual journey of sorts. I ended up walking past a model and a photographer who asked if I could help them out for a bit by holding an umbrella to block out the sun.  Obviously my only option was to agree.

The lovely model’s name is Alexia. She is Spanish, Greek, German, Italian, and Chinese.  Clearly, that’s a winning combo right thurrr.  She turned out to be as nice as she is pretty, so that makes her one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life.  Alexia told me that wasn’t the type of shoot that she normally does and after looking at some of her previous work, I saw why.

Heres a behind the scene flick I took while taking a break from being a superstar holder of umbrellas. Word to Fonzworth Bentley:

     “Sometimes you go to the beach to get high.  Sometimes you go for a swim.  And sometimes you go to learn the technical aspects of photography.” – photographer dude

* * *  I completed 2 out of those 3 * * *

I  asked Alexia if she could answer a few random questions for me and she did.
See, I told you she was nice!

-If you got stuck listening to 3 albums for a month, what would they be?
-Interpol: Antics
-Radio head: In Rainbows
-Radio head: Ok Computer

-Do you dance like nobody’s looking?
I do dance like nobodys watching. I like to have fun, and love to dance. But I am a professional bellydancer and I do like to perform and have people watch my shows.
Amen, sista.  I’ve said it before, I dont understand people that dont dance, especially girls.

-Do’s and dont’s to staying on your good side?
To stay on my good side you must have a sense of humor, that includes sarcasm. You also must have a humble and kind demeanor at the end of the day. I can’t stand stuck up, close minded stuff people.
Rok The Spot is all about that, and chivalry. We be holding doors and pulling chairs and shit like that too cuz we’re mad classy. Btw I
truly believe sarcasm is  an artform.

-How do you feel about Miami?
Miami is fun, and feels like a south american country, but cleaner and with out as many of the political problems. I’m not sure how long I will stay.

-Who is the coolest person to hold an umbrella to block out the sun in one of your shoots?
Hands down, Felipe!
That is correct!

-What comes to mind when you hear the name “Rok The Spot?”
Rok the spot makes me think of Hipster scene kids, who are into contemporary art, and dirt electro. HAHA
Pretty ill 😉
That sounds about right.  If theres no dirt, I probably dont want anything to do with it.

Thank you so much for your time Alexia!  Wish you the best in your modeling adventures!

To contact Alexia for modeling inquiries check her on Model Mayhem here…

Ira Chernova Interview

Ira Chernova is a Russian photographer/model.  I had seen her photos floating around  the internet (uncredited) for months and months and kept wondering, WHO IS SHEEEE?!?!?  Luckily I found out through =] Since then I’ve been able to chat with her and keep up with her work.

Ira Chernova has only been taking photos for a few years after coming across an old camera.   She’s been giving us beautiful images from both sides of the lens ever since.  Her travels have taken her across Russia, France, Portugal, Holland, Czech Republic and maybe someday *fingers crossed*, the United States.  Ira has also been featured in Inked Magazine and shot for Dillinger Escape Plan.

It took longer for me to pick the photos to use than it did for her to get back to me.   You cant blame me because if I could, I’d use all of her photos.
Here’s what she had to say.

What equipment do you shoot with?

It all depends from my mood and the type of picture i’m looking for

Do you prefer film or digital and why?

Can not really choose, i like it both. Absolutely different types of pics.

I feel the same way, I miss the darkroom process of shooting film though.

by Ekaterina Grigorieva

A good amount of photographers I’ve met have another artistic talent that they’re interested in or are good at. Do you?

Nope, unfortunately I’m quite miserable in knowing how to do only one thing.

Aw, well its better to be really great at one thing than mediocre at several things.

You are another photographer that doesn’t consider herself a model, but takes great self portraits. If the opportunity presents itself for you to make a living modeling full-time, would you accept?

You know, it always depends. Everything goes so closer nowadays, but I

can be doing it only in the case I have enough time for my photography.

Where do you want to be with your photography a year from now? Magazines, solo shows, touring w/bands?

I want it all!

Even though you are a work-aholic, what do you do for fun

that is not photography related?

Emmmm… can not think about anything certain. I guess just hanging out with my friends is enough. Or clothes shopping, damn, I love it.

You said some people where you live don’t like that you have tattoos.  Did you know this before you got yours, or care?  Because even though you say you’re shy that seems brave.

I’m not thinking about impressing or frightening anybody with tattoos… I love them, I’m making it for myself, it’s just not very comfortable getting attention in the streets, people should think about themselves instead of criticizing others.

If you hadn’t found photography 4 years ago, what would you be doing now?

No idea

I’ll tell you this though, everyone is happy that photography found you.

How did you get your head in a dinosaur’s mouth?  It’s a rare photo to see you so smiley =]

Haha, yeah, I just do not have many “live” photos. It is just a sweet toy in a store.

Haha.  AwwwmNomnomnommm.

Coolest thing that has happened to you as a result of photography?

Ive met many awesome people.

How do you feel about the photos posted online that don’t credit you?

It’s internet, nothing can be done about it.

by Mary Kuzmenkova

Sad but true.  Whenever I see art/photography that I like, I always want to know who the artist is so I could see more.

How does it feel though to see that after only a few years of taking pictures, they’re all over the internet?

Mmm, it’s not the level yet i wanna reach but not the worse beginning at the same time.

After browsing your journal, I could  definitely see progression in your work, especially recently.

Its obvious that you’re a Metallica fan, what music do you listen to that puts you in a happy mood?

Metallica have plenty of happy songs 🙂 I like Jane’s Addiction, Tricky, Prodigy, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly etc

What is beautiful to you?

Beauty is everything what we love.

What is your favorite part of traveling?

I will sound really boring again but it’s all in together

Any plans to visit the U.S?

Yep, planning it for a long time. Hope to have some nice work somewhere soon to finally be able to afford it during summer.

Awesome! The entire country awaits for your arrival.

If I don’t ask many people will be upset.  Are you happy and single/taken/ unavailable?

Then I can help people not being upset telling that i’m happily single.

I could actually hear people smiling after that response. Thank you so much for your time!

For more of Ira Chernova’s work:



Live Journal