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Van Styles x Jason Peterson Q+A


As part of the Miami Street Photography Festival 2016, a photo walk and Q+A were prepared to take place in downtown Miami. Very important QnA.
I missed the photo walk cuz I’m fried and went to the Leica store first but made it to the q+a and  gained awesome insight on the craft. It also took me about 45 minutes to get a Publix sub before I went so Im surprised I made it on time at all. Also took 10 minutes to check out in the express lane behind one person. While waiting, a dude dressed as Mr Incredible grabbed his backpack that he’d left at customer service, then stood in front of the automatic doors with his hands up like he had super powers to open the doors. I digress.

“Fuck. Idk shit about photography” – @jasonmpeterson
(I think he knows a thing or two)

@vanstyles (paraphrased)
– Focus on your craft and the recognition n $ will come in due time.

I asked a question about infringement. Jason went on to say what he’d do if companies are knowingly taking his photos without coughing up the $$$. His reply was very Chicago and very appreciated.