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Mars x Ruby in Wynwood

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Agentes Libres (Free Agents) Chespirito tribute


Sofles – Limitless

Very cool video for Ironlak.
Art by Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench
Selina Miles did a great job shooting/editing this video.

Weekend getaway: Members Only.

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How abouts some art-verk?

Special thanks to our friend Vanessa aka Camper Jane for the photo.

Trinidad James portrait by Nick Castellanos


Our homie Nick Castellanos decided to make a portrait of Mr. “Popped a Molly Im Sweatin, WOOOOO” himself. Thats correct, Trinidad James.

Nick’s been down since the days of raw turkey sammiches and reggaeTon soup.

He’s a talented fellow. He nurses panda’s back to health, cuts Dwayne Wade and Lebron James hairs, and is also a karate master (he studied under Bruce Lee).

Trinidad James was really pleased w/the art work. He posted it on instagram and it got 90million likes. Lebron James also fux wid it.
Here now are some exclusive photos.

Follow Nick on Instagram: CastellaKnows

on da twitter: @NikeTyson

MF DOOM x Adidas

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The mothafukkin villain x 3 stripes in London.

I forgot to post this

I did this one over a year ago

Art Basel 2011 – Wednesday – Thursday

As per usual there are a billion events during Basel. A whole lot of wack shit but here are a few events we’re definitely fukkin with:

Tonight (Wednesday)-  This here is about the gangster’ist gallery in the history of mankind.

Read about it here…


 Ms Jazmin aka Vintage Vandalizm will be in town w/ Kweenz Destroy.

Cope 2 : Rise to the Occasion

DATE: December 1–December 4, 2011

LOCATION: 167 NW 25th Street, The Wynwood Arts District, Miami, Florida 33127

TIME: Opening Reception, Thursday, December 1, 7pm–10pm

Gallery Hours: December 2–4, 2011, 11am–7pm


 Jonathan Mannion is a legendary photographer in the HipHop community. Youve definitely seen his work. I just found out last night that A$AP Rocky is performing too! Im looking forward to this right hurrrr.

 I want to see Black Lips perform.This is gonna be jumpin for sure. One of our homies is also gonna drown us in Sailor Jerry rum. fuck.

For my dubstep fix. This shit is gonna be BRUTAL. Hatcha and N-Type do not fuck around. Both times they’ve been here on their own they’ve destroyed shit. Now their powers combined!?! -_- Shit just got real.

Cops love graffiti

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Wise guy character (Im not to sure what to name him)

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I came up with this character the first time i did acid. I was still trippin when i had got back home from a pretty wild night that consisted of car hopping, party crashing, girls with big tits wearing red t-shirts (prior to that day I kinda hated the color red, no lie) getting chased by friends that looked like leprechauns and traveling through the matrix via Dunkin Donuts bathroom. I remember trying to convince my brother to stay awake because I couldnt fall asleep. He stayed up for a bit and started showing some pretty crazy drawings he had done himself which  is what triggered that inspiration to start drawing from a  multiple perspective…Any who. Basically by looking at this character you would assume that “Its you” that is looking at an illustration of an oval head shaped dude with a pointy nose. Really its suppose to be somebody from an outside world looking through a peephole making observations of whats going on in our world today. Which in this case would make us the heartless and unconscious illustrations that keep creating yet effortlessly destroying….Huh??? WHAT?!?! (I’ll upload the original drawing sometime next week, if i remember too)