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Panda Fucker (NSFW)

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I will never look at girls that have stuffed animals in their room the same after this video …Thank you Soya for bringing me to a better understanding when it comes to learning about really hot women…On a side note im pretty sure that stuffed Panda came to life after she finished recording this video.

Frequencies To Fuck a certain Girl(All pigment ink freestyle)

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This piece is based on one of many deep conversations that my boy and I had on  frequencies and vibrations last week. Later on around 3am a certain lady friend that Ive been wanting to “SMANG”  for a while crossed my mind. Ever since I met her I kinda felt the vibe that one day she was gonna let me have my way with her. As a matter of fact a couple of months back that I was drunk at a club I finally atleast made out with her (Damn Carlos  your mad High School widdit) and just as things were getting intense with potential to go further, Mr. Cockblock made his cameo appearance in a really blatantly intrusive manner.Ive seen her after that but havent done shit cause most of those times she had been around friends and she seems to act hesitant around them.I also didnt wanna come off as a creep since we were both drunk that night.When truth is I wanna tell her  ” I want a piece of  that ass like kids in Africa want water and baby Im thirsty!!!”…Like I was saying it was 3am, im fried like an Empanada and this specific girl crossed my mind.So instead of me Hand-Jamming myself into a Bavarian Cream (Even though im Colombian) I decided to pick up a pen and imagined “What if I can draw out frequencies to make her come to my house and want to get Shyla Stylez nasty with me” (Btw look up Shyla Stylez ,she’s a fanastic actress). Any ways to my certain Lady  “friend” if youre reading this and youve realized this is about  you ,give me a call and lets play a game where you can act like my naughty neighbor and Im ringing your door bell repeatedly.At this point with you my words have built up and Ive lost the finesse in telling you what i want to do because I will most likely blurt out “I WANNA TEAR YOU UP LIKE A KID THATS TRYING TO HIDE A BAD REPORT CARD!!!!

So this is one of the perks of being single unless youre a cheater but even though I am one to clown around this is actually took me some courage to put out publically

Sneak Preview

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I found a sketch I started around 2004 a week before I got my wisdom teeth pulled out.I had this irratating pain in my gums that felt like somebody was literally twisting a rusty screwdriver in my gums (No Method-Man intended).I went to the Doctor ,got some antibiotics in the meanwhile, went home and started this drawing while my Mom was preparing me almost a weeks worth of smoothies.This is just a fraction of the drawing because the entire piece is actually 2 pages.The  girls face  in the drawing is actually a combination of facial features of these two girls that I know.I happened to find them really annoying at the time and this was my was of saying “SHUTTUP ALREADY”…stay tuned for the finished product