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Dj Craze – Traktor Kontrol Z2 routine

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Mr Tape – Cassette dj

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Latvia reppin hard. No $ for turntables and vinyl?
No Problem.
These cats said fukkit we’ll just rock tapes. Take nothing and make it a miracle.
This here is the true spirit of hip hop.

This is too trill. Dance moves and all.

“Quick to set it, don’t wet it Real niggas lick shots, peace Connecticut Mr Cassette” – Raekwon

DJ Woodo vs. J-Loop – Believe In Fate? …and old Bboy drawing

Being able to go off on my uprock is always a good sign of me recovering from a flu/fever. Certified flavor for days homie.Fuck you and your Dougie dance…this is a bboy character i drew of myself  in  “07” while I was bored in my Graphic Design class .I tried to go as simple as possible on the character since most bboy characters look like they were drawn by the same guy.


Dope wedding Dj

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disregard the typo in the title that says he’s the worst. Because after you watch the video you’ll realize that he is indeed one of theeee best. A natural talent he is, Dan Band steeez.
Savour the drum-off.

Dj Craze “Bang Bang” WMC 2010

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Heres some footage (shot by Yoyi of LivingTV) of Dj Craze gettin busy at the Bang Bang party during WMC 2010. For me it was one of the most anticipated parties. As expected, shit was rediculouuuuuuuusssssss!

If you enjoy the presence of beatiful ladies and a party atmosphere, that was the place to be. I spotted a few pornstars in the place to be. By the end of the night the club was paaaaaaacked. Also heard from a few people that some left their own parties to hit up BangBang. I dont blame them, it was the official jammy jam.

Cant wait till next year!

Our local Dj > your local Dj

Dj Craze
Slow Roast Records

*On a side note, the way i had to beg to get this footage you’d think I was asking for the secret to life. Thats why it took so long to upload.

Joell Ortiz (produced by DJ Premier)-Project Boy

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Can’t even begin to explain how ridiculous this track is

Dj Salami Fingaz

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A picture I took of  my homie Dj Salami Fingaz with a shitty digi-cam  i have while he was up in NY…very constructive yet destructive weekend…

Salami Fingaz Blog

Dj Premier AF1’s

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got em.

pics tonight !!!


shouts to our homeboy Dj Deelah (Keep It Gully) for the heads up on the kicks.