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Red Bull United States of Bass – Miami


Miami Bass. Bless you. And also bless the unwritten language of ass shaking. Bass music is like a holy hymn to a rite of passage for people that actually grew up in Miami. If you didn’t grow up here then you might dont fully understand, but that doesnt matter cuz it feels good to your spirit and also read the 3rd sentence. There was a little something for everyone in music styles and seeing/hearing how cities across the country put their spin on the bass sound. Luke, Laz and Craze were essential to have at this party. Uncle Luke is forever the mayor of Miami and you can argue wit’cho grandma about the credibility of that statement. Laz is synonymous with Miami bass and Craze is without question one of the best dj’s on the planet. Egyptian Lover is OG triple OG. Sliink, Spinn and Earl repped Jersey as they should. TT the Artist went off and its always dope to see artists for the first time put on a great performance. We got a bit of a history lesson from Laz n Craze explaining how much the city has changed and how the bass sound ultimately has its roots in Miami. Just know! Booty dancing is not as prevalent as it once was, but it lives on. Its a sacred dance that must be passed on from generation to generation so that the earth continues on its proper course. So when I say dance like your life depends on it, I mean it.


Black Magic Mystical Wonder Tour – Orlando,FL

Long story short…

2 hours before they leave (from Miami), I find out I can ride w/them to shoot.

Bust mission to leave gig early so I can meet it on time. Got there on time.

30min in to ride up there, camera wont turn on.

Send out MASSIVE SOS’s the entire trip. Very close to success but in the end, no camera.

Sooooo close.

*Shouts to Serge and Roxie tho for helping.

Soooooooo I took a bunch of Vine videos to document and got le’ very drunk.

Work w/what you have and win.

First things first, a message from Brillz ft Craze and Kill the Noise.

Shouts to Louie, Craze, Serge and Rudy.

Fun trip overall.

Dj Craze – Traktor Kontrol Z2 routine

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Hard Fest – Moombahton Massive

Hands down our favorite party of WMC 2012. Dave Nada said it was his favorite in a long time and every person there would agree they had  a fukkin blast. My official rating is that it went 2 x Ham and 3 x Ratchet. Double Ham. Triple Ratchet. Maybe even triple Hammer time.

Plenty of cameos too. Evol Intent, Kill the Noise, Zeds Dead, A-Trak, Jessie Andrews, MUNCHI!!!, Plastician, 12th Planet, The Others, Caspa, Congo Rock, Spider Man, Roxy Cottontail, Kid Cedek, Vicious Viv and probably a million more.

There had been speculation (mostly by me) about whether or not empanadas would be available for purchase. You know, holding up the moombah mass tradition. Sadly there were none, so I made up for it in the video.

Full photo album



Basel Castle 2011

Basel Castle by The Overthrow is one of the mandatory jams to attend. As expected, the line was fukkin eternal. It wrapped around the corner and little more than 1/2 way around the block. It was so far some people didnt even know what they were in line for. I saw Jasmin (Vintage Vandal) while I was out front and she was like ROK THE SPOOOOOTTTT!!! She’s great. Her homegirl had a hookup for them to get in. Everybody was on their own mission. I knew there was no point of standing in line so I hung out for a bit to see if I could pull some strings to get in. I ran into Rudy and Dj Main Event and they have a 6th sense for the spots that still had open bar. I was only one 4Loko into the night and there was room for much more destruction. A few beers later we went back to the castle and it still looked impossible. They werent having it so they peaced out. I eventually got in, thanks to the police. Really.

Yellerrrrrrr was dope as fuck. Its the one performance I really cared to see all basel.

Here he is performing Daddy’s Lambo with Dj Craze on the decks.




Sharktoof vandalizing Driven By Boredom

Jon Spero from Hot Pink Delorean/ Terravita


Moombahton Birthday Craze

Since the day I heard of this line up I was counting down the days. The first major Moombahton party and they set it the fuck off! Ive been listening to Bro Safari’s moombahton mixes like crazy. David Heartbreak’s “The M7” is dooooope. And of course Nadastrom’s done been doing the damn thing. I didnt catch JWLS set but at least I saw his debut at Vagaond.

One of the reasons I was excited was because Craze had been hyping up a Nica’s in Paris scratch routine (I take credit for naming that there) but two things happened.
1) It still isn’t complete because he’s been touring like crazy with Yelawolf for the Hard White tour. They recently did Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’brien shows!

More importantly…
2) Beer ended up drowning Craze’s laptop. Its was bad.

Real fukkin bad. I was walking passed him on stage and noticed he was kind of inspecting the laptop. I had no clue what was going on yet. But then he turned the laptop to the side and it looked like someone had opened a faucet. My face was one of terror. The face the mother of a gold medal caliber gymnist makes when her child staggers ever so lightly after sticking the landing. Will it be enough to score higher than that nearly perfect Russian sensation? Yes. It is.

Apparently there was a beer sitting on the table above his bag and the bass knocked it over, spilling thru the bag and onto his computer. It seems plausible but its also some fuckin bullshit. I thought Craze was gonna kill someone but he kept it together and just kinda did a patented Craze shrug 10pts on maintaining composure.

The party kept on poppin.

*I danced my pants off kind of. My belt from 14 yrs broke and I had to do some quick drunken belt surgery to hold it up. Im a magician.
**Learning how to use a new camera while you’ve been sippin a little too much is counterproductive. But there’s no time for crying, you gotta step up to the plate and handle biz.

This was indeed a historic night.

full photo gallery here…


I met up w/Yoyi and the crew to pregame. Nikki’s was also celebrating her bday at GC. I only had 2 dranks in 20 minutes.

Andres hooked up Craze w/some birthday drank.
…All I gave him was a t-shirt.

Dave Heartbreak, Dave Nada of Nadastrom and Bro Safari

The Dr trying to perform surgery on Craze’s laptop. It slipped into a coma that night -_-
*Check out Bro Safari’s new line of premium champagne!!!

 Back to the party!!!

Nadastrom, Craze n Heartbreak jammin out.

Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando, FL

This was the 1st music festival I’ve covered so I was kind of nervous.  Not really, I was just happy everything came together and this was really happening.  I got a call from my homie Louie Arson weeks before to see if I was down drive to Orlando for Electric Daisy Carnival. Duh.  The day before we rode my brother was on weather patrol and told me it was gonna finna rain that weekend.  I was like fuck all that noise, we ridin!  Driving up, about an hour away it started pouring something fierce, but we figured it was leaving Orlando and we were in the clear. Wrong, more on that later.  We got to the hotel and there was already a car waiting to take Slow Roast fam to the event.  We met Danny United and 12th Planet, cool cats.


Dj Craze: “NO PICTURES!!!………………………..jk”

We got to the stadium and met up w/Dj Klever.  I had met him a few weeks back when he was down here working w/Craze on some music. Klever is a cool fukkin dude for real.  We started drankin as soon as we got there 6pm’ish and it was downhill/uphill? from there. That depends on your perception of space and time.  I wont speak for anybody else but by 8pm I was focked up, bro.

Dj Klever

There were SO many pretty girls too and it was an 18+ event so it was green light everything.  Klever’s was the first set we caught as the sun came down.  By the time he was done  everybody was feeling the groove and the crowd had built up .   I have to mention the sound was fuckin incredible.  It was crystal clear and the bass kicked like a surprise mule kick to the chest from a mile away. BOOOOOOM BITCH!

I think we went backstage for a few to get more drinks (yeah, like that was a good idea).  Shortly after, the skies parted and buckets of water fell from the sky for a solid 20 minutes.  It  got pretty bad,  it looked like the whole night  was going to get cancelled.

It stopped altogether and luckily Craze went on even though a little bit behind schedule.

Dj Craze

(bottom) Dj Klever, (top) Jake Jefferson, Dj Craze, Danny United, Flipz – Rok The Spot



Full Electric Daisy Carnival photo gallery click here…

12th Planet, Skrillex, Dirtyphonics, Diplo, Calvin Harris, Downlink, Datsik, Armanni Reign, Goldie and more!

Future Sound of Breaks 2011 Miami,FL

Believe it or not this was the first time I hit up Future Sound of Breaks.  I almost went last year but by the time I got to the venue it was kind of late in the night and the cover $ was pretty steep.
ANYWAY. This years line-up included  Planet of the Drums, Evol Intent, Excision, Zeds Dead, Hive and more.  But the biggest reason I wanted to go was because Dirtyphonics was performing.  I’ve played their DnB Arena Risky mix a fukkin trillion times since the first time I heard it.  I’d also seen some footage of their shows and there was no fukkin way I was going to miss out.

That was the first time I recall watching an entire set from beginning to end, 1 1/2 hours I believe.  The bass was kicking something fierce.  I had an out of body experience (I was sober btw).  I had at least 5 different people tell me that they were either new favorites or the best set they had seen in a while.  The whole night was a blast though.  Bailey, Evol Intent, A-Sides, Craze, Planet of the Drums all threw it down.
On a funny sidenote, I debated for a while whether or not to take my camera inside.  About 20 minutes of pacing outside the venue and 10 back in my car.  Its a good thing I did because I got to document the madness and people really enjoyed the photos.  I cant wait until next year!!!

More photos here…

Dj Craze – Vagabond Miami

Dj Craze came through one mo’gain to Vagabond for Shake in Miami.  Slow Roast parties are always a must, plus I have to show the home team support.  Ash Rock opened up for Craze, whose set was a more aggressive and even more bass heavy than usual.  That just goes to show Dj Craze’s infinite crowd controlling diversity.  He also didnt wear a hat, I wonder if that was the reason? Hmmm.

My home town Dj > your home town Dj

* Even though I said this over a year ago, look out for my homie Louie Arson.  He’s Slow Roast fam and can rock a party like no other.

Im FROM Miiiiami Bitch !!! (original post 4/2/09)

So for my first event of wmc 09, I checked out “Party worth blogging about” during the day ( Wed. 25th) arrived around 3pm’ish.


I never really got into the vibe, maybe its i got there late,cool setup tho. but i luckily i ran into a few of my peoplez or i woulda left. so i kicked it with bboy Xclu from Ground Zeroh Crew, Dj Louie Arson (from Keep It Gully) and Q. it wasnt bad its just that i expected a rowdier party vibe. errrbody was just kind mingling and walking around. I think it def. had to potential to turn into a no pants party. it was also breezy as fuck, it got miami cold but some peoples were still doin their thing in swimsuits. oh and right before we were about to depart i ran into Evan, she gave me a drank, called “poison”. very suitable name, its basically str8 vodka with red dye. I didn’t see Kill the Noize and my homeboys were upset cuz they didnt get to see Tittsworth. oh well.

I heard it cost hundreds of $ just to get a spot next to the pool, and about $1k to get a cabana?!?!?!
that there info reassured me that this was indeed a Bad Boys II scenario and that somewhere on that rooftop a massive coke deal was underway.

up next…


night time and a few dranks later.

“Bang Bang” @ white room was dope. I realized when Shy fx was on that i hadnt had my dnb fix in too long and that i needs it more often. I have an issue with crowded dance floors. If theres no room to move around during a jungle set, i dont see the point of being there at all. so we made room. i had fun tho, Benga, Plastician ripped it with dubstep. Drop the Lime too,heavy duty stuff. i missed Craze’s set.

I also missed B-Traits and that’s probly the only dj i REALLY wanted to see this year. Last year she caused quite a stir on ze’internets cuz nobody had really heard of her and she spun at ultra. and well,she fukkin ripped it! some dumbfucks thought she only got to where she is cuz shes cute. I dont care how she got to where she is (but she is co-signed by Shy FX ) but let it be known, shes dope as fuk. i saw her spin once more at the contagious show a few days later. shes a super sweet girl and knows what shes doin on the decks.
Soooo when i saw the flyer i thought it’d be a good idea to hook her up with one of my shirts. I also gave one to mc Tali, whom i hadnt seen perform live, ever. shes dope n shes really nice too. she was amped cuz she had just bought some kicks that matched the shirt =) Tali said she’d rock the shirt @ World of DnB. I didnt make it out but i hope she did.

We stopped by the fountainebleu for LMFAO around 3:30am ‘ish but that place was dead, for WMC thats really early. so basically we turned right back around to white room.
Thursday, i felt like hell.

and that was that.