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Diplo & Friends WMC 2013

Diplo & Friends went down on Saturday, the first weekend of Miami Music Week or WMC depending on how long youve been attending this holiday. Among Diplos “friends” were Dogblood ( Skrillex + Boys Noize) as special guests. Dillon Francis was supposed to perform as well but he didnt make it. All good though cuz as you’ll see in the video, it was one of those nights. Major Lazer took their shirts off, and made ayy’body do the same. God bless all those lovely ladies twerking their hearts out. You are appreciated.

Hard Fest – Moombahton Massive

Hands down our favorite party of WMC 2012. Dave Nada said it was his favorite in a long time and every person there would agree they had  a fukkin blast. My official rating is that it went 2 x Ham and 3 x Ratchet. Double Ham. Triple Ratchet. Maybe even triple Hammer time.

Plenty of cameos too. Evol Intent, Kill the Noise, Zeds Dead, A-Trak, Jessie Andrews, MUNCHI!!!, Plastician, 12th Planet, The Others, Caspa, Congo Rock, Spider Man, Roxy Cottontail, Kid Cedek, Vicious Viv and probably a million more.

There had been speculation (mostly by me) about whether or not empanadas would be available for purchase. You know, holding up the moombah mass tradition. Sadly there were none, so I made up for it in the video.

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Major Lazer at The Garret

Last night UM held a free show with Diplo at the helm. It was free…for UM students =|
Buuuuuut an after party was announced yesterday and it was also free. All in all t’was a good time. No room to complain at free events. It wasnt unbearably packed but still managed to get ratchety.

Nah for real tho, I seent it.

Cuz I saw some ladies last night that should be having my baybehhhh, baybehhhh.

Rok The Spot x Major Lazer album cover remix (blast from the past)



This right here is a blast from the past.  Long ago Mad Decent held a contest to remix a Major Lazer song and/or album cover. My super producer skills were not on point back then so I went with what I knew best. Party fun time…or art related biz.

Personally, I still think this was one of the dopest covers in the contest. The voting system was very iffy and clearly I should’ve won and brought home the goods, buuuuut it was still fun.

Major Lazer at Grand Central Miami 2010

Just as I expected, this party was fucking rediculous.   I got there fashionably late as fuck. 1:30 A.M’ ish ( not amish) to be precise. I planned to get there much earlier but there were a few wrenches in my game plan.   I had to wait a bit for the confirmation on the green light to attack this party.   Also, I didnt know there was a festival ending in downtown that would make me take about 30 minutes on a 5 minute drive. Luckily I found parking on the first try and walked to the door, after a 211.

You know those herbs that think they own the club, because they’re the ones who decide who gets in at the front door? Well there was one here w/ a G.W smirk and 1/2 of each eyebrow.weird. The fuck with him, I got in and had many funs.

It was just like when I  saw them at Bar during WMC.  Really fuckin hot and sweaty and good nasty and rowdy as fuck.  It couldnt get more tribal unless someone got sacrified with a dagger made of moon rock (more on daggers in a sec.)  Ruh-diculous bass! The sound was so on point, crystal clear.

Heres the epitome of the madness:

You havent daggered until you’ve done it hanging off the stage lights 20ft in the air.
Aint nobody seeing Diplo and Skerrit Bwoy (one rowdy muh’fukka).

If your daughter left home a virgin,  she probably didnt come back as one.

big up Mad Decent.


well worth the party hoppin (original post 4/6/09)


the official plan was white room and the ohwow gallery.

i was gonna do my best to not drink,…yeah right. its fukkin saturday!

i skipped out the stones throw party because i had to work.normally that wouldnt have stopped me but last second i said fuggit.i heard last years kinda sucked, the one before was less than impressive for me. so make some extra $ n go to work. save up some energy for the night ya dig? i got to downtown on the metrorail cuz looking for parking while the crowd from ultra is, just plain dumb.
pitstop at white room and off to ohwow.


funny i was thinking i should stop by and cap a quart cuz i NEEDED beer.i figured the “free” drinks advertised were long gone. wrong. there were people still waiting in line for beer till at least 3:30am. which was awesome. free redstripes n rum+coke?uhh, fuk yeah!
we did go back to whiteroom to see how it was but __said it best.
“i noticed something.the girls here look mad sober. Over there they’re drunk n mad sweaty n nasty” He was right, we HAD to go back to OHWOW.

more beer more liquor.
waiting in line for beer is nothing we’re familiar with.
i met a few people, some i’ll probly never see again.
i ran into kelly which could’nt have been more random. i was hoping i’d see her but didnt expect her to be out here. she’s pretty awesome =)
also met a cute colombian (bogota) girl but her friends came n stole her away.ghey.met some cool chi-town peoples. apparently there ARENT gangs everywhere in chicago, so im not as afraid to vist anymore.

The party was fukkin dope!
The overall vibe, the hot-ass warehouse, fog, lights (i felt like i was in J-Lo’s video) and the bass was bummmmpin. AND free drinks were still a’flowin.
Rusko was throwin down DnB when we got back but it stopped right when we got back.fuck. Im not 100% sure who was mc’ing for him but that cat RIPPED IT !!! he’s got party rockin down with no problem.

Diplo. he knows how to make it do what it do. The crowd was lovin it.
Lil Jon came from out the cut to amp up the crowd. man, what a hype ass party.
more free beer!!!

Personally, this jam was beyond a success. We opted out on heading to the beach to see the Roots cuz i’d dealt with enough beach douchebaggery for one week. Plus, why the fuck were we gonna leave, this was the pajama jammy jam.

Toy Selectah came on after Diplo and it looks like he was gonna finish demolishing the place to be.but the muh’fukkin police shut down the party like 3 minutes into his set.
but the damage had been done. what a fukkin dope party.

Mad Decent rolls through your town, get with the program.
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