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Mothership Tour Finale – Miami, FL

“The Mothership has landed, MIAMIIIIIIII” -12th Planet

I hit up Danny from Media Contender because I wanted to come through for the show at the Fillmore even though it had been sold out for months. He said yes but asked that I cover all 3 Mothership parties that weekend.

Challenge: ACCEPTED

I got to the Fillmore after 9pm. They’re really puntcual there and 12th Planet has just begun his set when I walked in. The crowd was live. It was an all ages show though so I kept my gangster to a minimum. 12th Planet is a G. After his set I chilled backstage w/ some of the Slow Roast fam and watched magic for a bit but got kicked out of backstage for being too handsome. At least thats what I think. The girl that kicked me out was really formal so theres no beef. Anyway I went out front because Skrillex was already on. The Cell (motion capture stage setup device thing )was dope. I kept seeing footage of it pop up online and had to witness it in person. Im positive a lot of people had the time of their lives at the show.

“Put your hearts up”

I wanted to make sure I had time to get to the next event so I bounced before it ended and inhaled a slice of pizza to cushion the alcohol I was getting ready to drink. Off to Grand Central for round 2.

12th Planet was headlining the after party and a *special guest* was scheduled too. It was obvious to me the second I got the notice about the show who it was gonna be. A good amount of people didnt know so that must’ve been a sweet surprise to see Skrillex come out and spin back to back w/12th Planet.

12th Planet + Skrillex; brothers from another mother

From the moment I walked in people were feeding me drinks like it was my birthday even though it wasn’t. But then I made it my bday. Shit was so real. Too real. But it was the motherfukkin Mothership meng what do you expect? People got pregnant. Babies were born. The full circle of life took place in the crowd that night as the Mothership had its way with downtown Miami. Another memorable night.
*LOOOLOLOOZLLZ I just remembered how that night ended. Fuck. What a mess. I amaze myself sometimes. Fuck.

The following day was the pool party at Arkadia at the Fountainebleu Hotel. Sundays all I ever want to do is lay in bed and not do shit but I had responsibilities to fulfill. I was kind of bleh about it only because I didnt know of any of my peoples going and that beach crowd is usually douchey. Also, I went hard in the paint at GC the night before meng and was on 3 hours of sleep. I went anyway and I’ll tell you what though, the girls there were Tv show fine. Holy shit them girls were hot. Something like runway models with a strippers essence. I was smitten.

Nadastrom was warming up the crowd on some chill vibes for a while then hit them w/the one-two party rocking tunes they’re known for.  Everybody was up and dancing in no time. 12th Planet went on a little late voluntarily because as he acknowledged “they were killing it”. They were indeed doin the damn thang. I wanted to see how the crowd would react to his set but they went for it, all the way. Ignorant ass bass and grimy dub step and all. I hadn’t ate anything all day so I drank beers cuz there was enough dranks going around to sink a pirate ship. Im serious. By the time Skrillex went on the crowd was heavy so I chilled in the VIP cabana for a while like a boss. Met Niles from Jam Tech Foundation. Cool dude. I think he was right when he said “people love drum and bass and they don’t even know it.” *He made the comment because Skrillex threw down dnb towards the end of his set and everybody went crazy loco.

Illusionist Philip Kaiser smoking Craze’s $

Original Gangstas Dj Craze x 12th Planet

The Mothership was only in town for 24 hours but by the end of the night I felt like I had been up all week.

Full photo album here…


And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


Moombahton Birthday Craze

Since the day I heard of this line up I was counting down the days. The first major Moombahton party and they set it the fuck off! Ive been listening to Bro Safari’s moombahton mixes like crazy. David Heartbreak’s “The M7” is dooooope. And of course Nadastrom’s done been doing the damn thing. I didnt catch JWLS set but at least I saw his debut at Vagaond.

One of the reasons I was excited was because Craze had been hyping up a Nica’s in Paris scratch routine (I take credit for naming that there) but two things happened.
1) It still isn’t complete because he’s been touring like crazy with Yelawolf for the Hard White tour. They recently did Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’brien shows!

More importantly…
2) Beer ended up drowning Craze’s laptop. Its was bad.

Real fukkin bad. I was walking passed him on stage and noticed he was kind of inspecting the laptop. I had no clue what was going on yet. But then he turned the laptop to the side and it looked like someone had opened a faucet. My face was one of terror. The face the mother of a gold medal caliber gymnist makes when her child staggers ever so lightly after sticking the landing. Will it be enough to score higher than that nearly perfect Russian sensation? Yes. It is.

Apparently there was a beer sitting on the table above his bag and the bass knocked it over, spilling thru the bag and onto his computer. It seems plausible but its also some fuckin bullshit. I thought Craze was gonna kill someone but he kept it together and just kinda did a patented Craze shrug 10pts on maintaining composure.

The party kept on poppin.

*I danced my pants off kind of. My belt from 14 yrs broke and I had to do some quick drunken belt surgery to hold it up. Im a magician.
**Learning how to use a new camera while you’ve been sippin a little too much is counterproductive. But there’s no time for crying, you gotta step up to the plate and handle biz.

This was indeed a historic night.

full photo gallery here…


I met up w/Yoyi and the crew to pregame. Nikki’s was also celebrating her bday at GC. I only had 2 dranks in 20 minutes.

Andres hooked up Craze w/some birthday drank.
…All I gave him was a t-shirt.

Dave Heartbreak, Dave Nada of Nadastrom and Bro Safari

The Dr trying to perform surgery on Craze’s laptop. It slipped into a coma that night -_-
*Check out Bro Safari’s new line of premium champagne!!!

 Back to the party!!!

Nadastrom, Craze n Heartbreak jammin out.