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SpaceGhostPurrp + Raider Klan fight at ASAP Rocky show in Miami

Details are still sketchy. But at least 4 shots were fired at the A$AP Rocky show here in Miami at the Fillmore.  Other artists that performed were Danny Brown, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul. Heard it was a really good show too.

Apparently after the show ended, members of Raider Klan confronted A$AP crew by the artist entrance. They crashed the fukkin party. A$AP Bari sounds like one of the cats that got in to it. My brother was at the show and he hit me up a while ago letting me know the bullshit that had just happened.

* Update

Running up on anyone at The Fillmore might be pretty gangster but dumb as fuck. That place is swamped w/police already. Tweeting endlessly about it is also not the smartest thing to do but thanks for keeping us informed.

*** The video footage dude was talking about is just cops standing over SpaceGhostPurrp. No actual fighting or anything.

-Other witnesses report hearing 7 or more shots.

-An unidentified fellow was seen trying to stash an object and then got tackled by more than 5 officers of the law.

-Some sources say SGP was not arrested.

-According to twitter (the most credible and reliable source for recent happenings)
ASAP Bari took the losing end of a fight. A fan jumped in the fight as well, but not to help him.


* Added –  a whole lot of incriminating tweets to follow.

SpaceGhostPurrp getting arrested/detained
via @SneakerheadEric

via @SneakerheadEric

Outside of the Fillmore after the altercation
photo by Carlos Rok The Spot


* update* Havoc beefing with Prodigy?

Havoc went off on Prodigy late Sunday night via twitter.

Last I checked there weren’t any responses from either Prodigy or…Rihanna?


Prodigy joked saying he bought this belt for Havoc:

Havoc claims his phone was stolen the night before and that it wasnt him making the posts. Then audio clips of Havoc surfaced online somewhere I guess talking about P. Prodigy claims they’re good and they just “set traps”, meaning that the whole ordeal was intentional. A lot of people are more confused than anything cuz something about it doesn’t add up. Oh well. On top of that, anonymous sources claim that theres been mad tension between them for a long time and there will probably never be another Mobb Deep album again.


50 Cent and Jay-Z new years handshake.

photo by Seth Browarnik of World Red Eye

The handshake does look a little illumati’ish but its new years. awkward handshakes are acceptable.

who knows? these two stay taking shots at each other (mostly 50) but never really on diss tracks. anyway, heres a photo of them cheesing and being all chummy in Las Vegas at the opening of the Marquee Night Club/Day Club on New Years.
Jay Z has a Ray Charles vibe going on, cuz he ain’t seeing none of you suckas in 2011 !!!

I think the conversation went something like this:

Jay Z – sup Fif?
50 Cent – sup Jay?
Jay Z – so, why were you beefing w/me again?
50 Cent – I dont even remember.
Jay Z – …me neither. Oh shit!
50 Cent – what?
50 Cent- you’re right!
50/Jay-Z – LULZZZZZ !!!

for full photo album click here…

Jay Electronica and Puffy squash beef?

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So, Saturday afternoon senor Diddy made it clear he was upset and felt betrayed.  This was after it was announced that Jay Electronica had officially signed to Roc Nation. Obviously people thought the person who “betrayed” Puffy was Jay Elec. Honestly, I couldnt care less about him being all hurt. Im glad Jay Electronica went with JayZ.  If theres a major label for him to sign with, that would be it. He’s now label mates with J.Cole, so fucking dope.

And now,just a few hours ago…

*  A few weeks ago on an episode of “The Hypemen” w/ Just Blaze, he mentioned Jay Electronica and Jay-Z were working on something that would drive the internet loco. to listen to the interview click here…

* “Shiny Suit Syndrome” by Jay Electronica ft Jay-Z and The Dream. click here…

Alchemist and R.A Rugged Man squash beef?

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If you’re familiar with R.A the Rugged Man, then you know about the line in “Stanley Kubrick” directed at Alchemist.

“Alchemist you still my little buddy
Althought you stole that Royce the 5″9 +The King+ beat from me”

Rugged Man was asked about it in an interview before his album came out and said that those lyrics were pretty unimportant.
Last week they had a little convo via twitter and all seems to be well.  good shit.

and the song in question: