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Tempest free running (parkour) – video

This is one of the dopest videos that exist on the internet.  The park apparently just opened a few weeks ago and I want to go so I could learn how to bounce around and flip and all that fun shit.  Drunken freeze tag would be the coolest fucking game to play, always.

* I want need my birthday party there.

The Brick Thief – LEGO short film

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another great animated, short film for LEGO.

4 Loko 4 Life

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Sometimes in life you have to take a stand. this my friends, is one of those times…

“WaaaWaaaa. Four Loko is super dangerous, people get really fucked up drinking it and its so disgusting.” Um, fuck you, because its delicious. Its the nectar of the gods bestowed upon us. YOU are greatly ungrateful if you do not appreciate such a gift. If I could spend my sunday afternoon swimming in a pool of 4Lok’s, my life would be complete. Im practicing my rain dance around cans of Loko’s in hopes that it will rain 4 Lokos. Yum.

“Four Loko is bad and should be banned because people die from drinking that stuff.” I’ve yet to read an official report where anybody has died from drinking too many Lok’s.  Nothing more than urban myths. Its no worse than some idiot getting barred out (taking excess pain killers) and drinking too much crown royal and wrapping himself and the car they’re driving, around a tree.  If you cant handle your alcohol by now then you need to get your shit together. Be responsible you fucking idiot.  Unless I hear that their ingredients include the tears of war-torn children Im riding tough for Loko. It has not caused anything that hasn’t already happened with any other drug/alcohol combination.  How often do you see someone walk around drinking a whole bottle of rum and then wonder why they blacked out? rarely. why? because we’re out of pirates and vikings thats why! Most people I have met say that one can is enough for the night and then they move on to something a little less deadly. If you’re a lightweight, drink slower, pace yourself. or don’t drink the whole can at all. its $3 so even if you can only handle 1/2, your only losing $1.50, but you’ll still remember most of the night.

I would like to thank the FDA or whatever the fuck for being so concerned for our safety. You’re right, alcohol and caffeine are like super dangerous. Meanwhile, you can still buy pills to help you sleep but might cause liver,heart damage,boners for hours, insomnia, temporary blindness but, it will relieve that pesky migraine. WIN! This proposed ban is beyond fucking retarded. Anybody who agrees with it has probably never been in a fight. pussy. Please tuck in your tampon string cuz its showing.

I think the real reason Loko is causing such a stir, is because it is affecting cocaine sales. yup, dat white girl. You see, people used to have to get their sip on and buy a bag of white to achieve that kind of high. But now, all you need is a can or two for take off.  Some major playas arent feeling losing their sales to this magic in a can. So instead of participating, they’re just Loko’hating y’all, and that aint fly.

You think I give a fuck if you think im gross for getting drunk off 4L? The answer is no, dummy.  When you’re out drunk and having the time of your life, nobody is gonna judge you because you’re Lok’d out.  If they do, give them a falcon punch, BLAOW!  (Its cool, at least now you wont keep getting pregnant). Whats the difference in getting white boy wasted up in a club off of name brand drinks (that are probably watered down or not even the real thing btw), and getting fakked up off of 4L? about $50. Like I said, drunk is drunk. Im not asking how you reached drunk, but I hope you are a happy drunk and are having good funs.

4 Lokos, 4 Life.

A trip to the moon for the price of a cab ride?  Yes please.

Iraninan Skank Off

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this is easily one of the best youtubes I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  and the editing is top notch.

definitely a battle of epic proportions, wish I could’ve been there. I salute all the combatants, you are all winners.

Fred the Raver (this kid is awesome)

I think its time for him to start wearing cargo pampers and a black tshirt.  Bassface is unmatched.  Let em know, Fred!


Tiger’s outta the cage maaaaaaan!

Winscape – custom HD display

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this is cool. 2 plasma displays that display different cityscapes to help you forget that where you live sucks.
dont jump out of the window, because its not really a window!
but you can still practice being an exhibitionist w/out the repercussions.

more info here

Muppets “Bohemian Rhapsody”

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THE MUPPETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!