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Retna x Louis Vuitton



Basel hasnt even officially started yet and the bra’s are already flying…

EXCLUSIVE – Art Bastard x Rok The Spot stickers

How about some new reflector stickers, sukka.

You’ll see some classic and some new Rok The Spot x Art Bastard stickers around Miami and New York.

Spot the stickers on the street and take photos so we can add them to our Spot Rokkers gallery! Be creative!
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video – “Inkblots for dummies”

Video clip of  Carlos’ “Inkblots for dummies” legendary print.

Art Bastard is back.

Act like ya fukkin know.

Happy Halloweeeeen!!!

Hello Wynwood,Miami

Basel Castle 2011

Basel Castle by The Overthrow is one of the mandatory jams to attend. As expected, the line was fukkin eternal. It wrapped around the corner and little more than 1/2 way around the block. It was so far some people didnt even know what they were in line for. I saw Jasmin (Vintage Vandal) while I was out front and she was like ROK THE SPOOOOOTTTT!!! She’s great. Her homegirl had a hookup for them to get in. Everybody was on their own mission. I knew there was no point of standing in line so I hung out for a bit to see if I could pull some strings to get in. I ran into Rudy and Dj Main Event and they have a 6th sense for the spots that still had open bar. I was only one 4Loko into the night and there was room for much more destruction. A few beers later we went back to the castle and it still looked impossible. They werent having it so they peaced out. I eventually got in, thanks to the police. Really.

Yellerrrrrrr was dope as fuck. Its the one performance I really cared to see all basel.

Here he is performing Daddy’s Lambo with Dj Craze on the decks.




Sharktoof vandalizing Driven By Boredom

Jon Spero from Hot Pink Delorean/ Terravita


Art Basel 2011 – Wednesday – Thursday

As per usual there are a billion events during Basel. A whole lot of wack shit but here are a few events we’re definitely fukkin with:

Tonight (Wednesday)-  This here is about the gangster’ist gallery in the history of mankind.

Read about it here…


 Ms Jazmin aka Vintage Vandalizm will be in town w/ Kweenz Destroy.

Cope 2 : Rise to the Occasion

DATE: December 1–December 4, 2011

LOCATION: 167 NW 25th Street, The Wynwood Arts District, Miami, Florida 33127

TIME: Opening Reception, Thursday, December 1, 7pm–10pm

Gallery Hours: December 2–4, 2011, 11am–7pm


 Jonathan Mannion is a legendary photographer in the HipHop community. Youve definitely seen his work. I just found out last night that A$AP Rocky is performing too! Im looking forward to this right hurrrr.

 I want to see Black Lips perform.This is gonna be jumpin for sure. One of our homies is also gonna drown us in Sailor Jerry rum. fuck.

For my dubstep fix. This shit is gonna be BRUTAL. Hatcha and N-Type do not fuck around. Both times they’ve been here on their own they’ve destroyed shit. Now their powers combined!?! -_- Shit just got real.

Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary

Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary celebration came through for Art Basel. When I first heard about this event I thought, “cool, heres something Im going nowhere near.” But I checked the flyer afterwards and saw a lineup of some dope artists including Pose. He happens to be a fukkin monster with them can skills, so do your research.  Then I found out my homies from 2 Girls and a Cupcake were going to make cupcakes for the event. WIN!

It was supposedly an RSVP event, but my name didn’t end up on the cool people list, so someone let me in through the side door. wow. I literally just realized I snuck into a Hello Kitty party. Your thuggin aint got shit on my thuggin, so don’t even front.  I was there from the beginning and I was supposed to leave to check out Flosstradamus at Grand Central but I kinda said fuckit.  Slowly but surely, more people I knew kept coming through.  Martha Cooper came by and a bunch of graff writers also.  Cope, Pose and others whos combined criminal records had served 23902934 years. I stayed till the end, you know, getting Hello Kitty wasted off free wine and beers.
In summary: pretty girls, stripper pole, free dranks, tattoos and graffiti. nuff said.
Once I heard “Original Gangster” by Ice-T playing, I knew that I didn’t really need to be anywhere else.

full album here…
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