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“The End is Near” Tour – Miami, FL

On February 2, 2012, The End is Near tour hit Miami,FL at Grand Central. Even though the city was still recovering from the Mothership Tour, these L.A cats were ready to do more damage. This stop of the tour had Flinch and 12th Planet reppin the west while JWLS and Craze were reppin for Miami.

I caught the end of Flinch’s set. Craze did a lot of the DRT DWG stuff, which went off!!! 12th Planet did what 12th Planet does. He didnt crowd surf though but thats only because of the stage setup. Even then Im sure he was still figuring out a way around that.


12th Planet and Atrosolis (Hex “Meet and Greet” winner)

Craze and Flinch

Danny United, Roz & Craze

Craze, Atrosolis & Flinch


Mothership Tour Finale – Miami, FL

“The Mothership has landed, MIAMIIIIIIII” -12th Planet

I hit up Danny from Media Contender because I wanted to come through for the show at the Fillmore even though it had been sold out for months. He said yes but asked that I cover all 3 Mothership parties that weekend.

Challenge: ACCEPTED

I got to the Fillmore after 9pm. They’re really puntcual there and 12th Planet has just begun his set when I walked in. The crowd was live. It was an all ages show though so I kept my gangster to a minimum. 12th Planet is a G. After his set I chilled backstage w/ some of the Slow Roast fam and watched magic for a bit but got kicked out of backstage for being too handsome. At least thats what I think. The girl that kicked me out was really formal so theres no beef. Anyway I went out front because Skrillex was already on. The Cell (motion capture stage setup device thing )was dope. I kept seeing footage of it pop up online and had to witness it in person. Im positive a lot of people had the time of their lives at the show.

“Put your hearts up”

I wanted to make sure I had time to get to the next event so I bounced before it ended and inhaled a slice of pizza to cushion the alcohol I was getting ready to drink. Off to Grand Central for round 2.

12th Planet was headlining the after party and a *special guest* was scheduled too. It was obvious to me the second I got the notice about the show who it was gonna be. A good amount of people didnt know so that must’ve been a sweet surprise to see Skrillex come out and spin back to back w/12th Planet.

12th Planet + Skrillex; brothers from another mother

From the moment I walked in people were feeding me drinks like it was my birthday even though it wasn’t. But then I made it my bday. Shit was so real. Too real. But it was the motherfukkin Mothership meng what do you expect? People got pregnant. Babies were born. The full circle of life took place in the crowd that night as the Mothership had its way with downtown Miami. Another memorable night.
*LOOOLOLOOZLLZ I just remembered how that night ended. Fuck. What a mess. I amaze myself sometimes. Fuck.

The following day was the pool party at Arkadia at the Fountainebleu Hotel. Sundays all I ever want to do is lay in bed and not do shit but I had responsibilities to fulfill. I was kind of bleh about it only because I didnt know of any of my peoples going and that beach crowd is usually douchey. Also, I went hard in the paint at GC the night before meng and was on 3 hours of sleep. I went anyway and I’ll tell you what though, the girls there were Tv show fine. Holy shit them girls were hot. Something like runway models with a strippers essence. I was smitten.

Nadastrom was warming up the crowd on some chill vibes for a while then hit them w/the one-two party rocking tunes they’re known for.  Everybody was up and dancing in no time. 12th Planet went on a little late voluntarily because as he acknowledged “they were killing it”. They were indeed doin the damn thang. I wanted to see how the crowd would react to his set but they went for it, all the way. Ignorant ass bass and grimy dub step and all. I hadn’t ate anything all day so I drank beers cuz there was enough dranks going around to sink a pirate ship. Im serious. By the time Skrillex went on the crowd was heavy so I chilled in the VIP cabana for a while like a boss. Met Niles from Jam Tech Foundation. Cool dude. I think he was right when he said “people love drum and bass and they don’t even know it.” *He made the comment because Skrillex threw down dnb towards the end of his set and everybody went crazy loco.

Illusionist Philip Kaiser smoking Craze’s $

Original Gangstas Dj Craze x 12th Planet

The Mothership was only in town for 24 hours but by the end of the night I felt like I had been up all week.

Full photo album here…


And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


Mothership Finale pt 2

Part 2 of the Mothership Tour recap in Miami.

This here was the after party at Grand Central.

Full video coming soon…

Art Basel 2011 – Wednesday – Thursday

As per usual there are a billion events during Basel. A whole lot of wack shit but here are a few events we’re definitely fukkin with:

Tonight (Wednesday)-  This here is about the gangster’ist gallery in the history of mankind.

Read about it here…


 Ms Jazmin aka Vintage Vandalizm will be in town w/ Kweenz Destroy.

Cope 2 : Rise to the Occasion

DATE: December 1–December 4, 2011

LOCATION: 167 NW 25th Street, The Wynwood Arts District, Miami, Florida 33127

TIME: Opening Reception, Thursday, December 1, 7pm–10pm

Gallery Hours: December 2–4, 2011, 11am–7pm


 Jonathan Mannion is a legendary photographer in the HipHop community. Youve definitely seen his work. I just found out last night that A$AP Rocky is performing too! Im looking forward to this right hurrrr.

 I want to see Black Lips perform.This is gonna be jumpin for sure. One of our homies is also gonna drown us in Sailor Jerry rum. fuck.

For my dubstep fix. This shit is gonna be BRUTAL. Hatcha and N-Type do not fuck around. Both times they’ve been here on their own they’ve destroyed shit. Now their powers combined!?! -_- Shit just got real.

Basshead Blackout on Labor Day weekend

Andy C, Armanni Reign, 16Bit, Juan Basshead at Eve in Miami,FL
full photo gallery here…

*** Special shout out to Juan Basshead. A lot of people would’ve easily bailed and said fuck it, good luck and good night. But he acted immediately and took control of the situation. If there was a Bass Music Mayor for Miami its definitely that guy. ***

I was really looking forward to this jam. Usually it’s Purdy Lounge on a Sunday night before a holiday cuz its popping. But not that night. NOPE! How are you just gonna miss Andy C and Armanni Reign? Whatthefuckisyoproblem?!

I caught part of Danny Bled’s set, hes kind of an unsung hero I think.  Juan Basshead put on a dope set as usual, he always switches it up. Jumanji went off during his set, Sopheye and Nome jumped in as well.

16 bit had been here before at Vagabond a while back but I missed it. This time around it was only Jason (Drt) but it he was rowdy enough for both of them.

It was HOT. AS. FUCK. 16bit made the crowd get moshy for a while and suddenly the power went out for blocks. Everybody is blaming him, thats fine (it wasnt actually his fault). All the lights were out for blocks from Vagabond to Karu and Y and a few blocks past Eve. Thats not really an area you want to get stuck in the dark in btw, at least not alone.

“And at the 2nd hour of the morn Juan Basshead said, let there be light!”, … and a power generator was ordered.

Everybody remained calm the entire time which was good but a few people ran out of patience and left. About 45min hr later two FPL trucks stopped a block away and started checking shit out. I asked one of the dudes on the situation and he said it didnt look good.
I was getting tired of waiting (I was also 3rd world thirsty) and I was about to leave. But Juan told me that the generator would arrive soon and that I had to stay and document it. Touché.

Around 3am the generator arrived and the music was blasting one mo’gain. Andy C is a fukkin monster. Im saving up to buy robot legs so the next time he comes down here I can keep up w/his set. The only reason he’s called “The Executioner” is because ‘He’s gonna play shit that’ll make you dance till your feet literally fall off and then you’ll contemplate ripping someone elses legs off and attaching them on your torso so you can keep dancing”  sounds a little too murdery and its a very long nickname. Armanni Reign is also a beast, a certified pro. Andy C and Armanni were a lethal combo that night. I know people were tired but they had everybody moving nonstop for almost 2hrs, until about 5am. I was sober as fuck the entire night and had a blast.

Also. It was HOT. AS. FUCK!
Literally dripping sweat just from standing in the same spot kind of hot. I hope everyone took a shower  when they got home. Nobody wants to be friends with anyone that goes to sleep with level 5 swamp crotch.
And Yo Jason from 16Bit is fokkin roooooowdy!!! This guy stage dived off a 7ft speaker into about 9 people. There were plenty of people there its just that they had scattered because everyone was dancing. He didn’t give anyone time to form a landing pad to fall on though. He hopped on the speaker, signaled people to come closer waited 3 seconds, and jumped. It looks like he made it about 6inches from hitting the floor but he popped up and all was well.

Armanni Reign reppin Rok The Spot. thx homie!

That night, it was dark. It was hot. It wasn’t hell. It was amazing.

As I stood there drowning in sweat I thought, fuck, Im so lucky to be a part of this. It was well worth the blackout.

Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando, FL

This was the 1st music festival I’ve covered so I was kind of nervous.  Not really, I was just happy everything came together and this was really happening.  I got a call from my homie Louie Arson weeks before to see if I was down drive to Orlando for Electric Daisy Carnival. Duh.  The day before we rode my brother was on weather patrol and told me it was gonna finna rain that weekend.  I was like fuck all that noise, we ridin!  Driving up, about an hour away it started pouring something fierce, but we figured it was leaving Orlando and we were in the clear. Wrong, more on that later.  We got to the hotel and there was already a car waiting to take Slow Roast fam to the event.  We met Danny United and 12th Planet, cool cats.


Dj Craze: “NO PICTURES!!!………………………..jk”

We got to the stadium and met up w/Dj Klever.  I had met him a few weeks back when he was down here working w/Craze on some music. Klever is a cool fukkin dude for real.  We started drankin as soon as we got there 6pm’ish and it was downhill/uphill? from there. That depends on your perception of space and time.  I wont speak for anybody else but by 8pm I was focked up, bro.

Dj Klever

There were SO many pretty girls too and it was an 18+ event so it was green light everything.  Klever’s was the first set we caught as the sun came down.  By the time he was done  everybody was feeling the groove and the crowd had built up .   I have to mention the sound was fuckin incredible.  It was crystal clear and the bass kicked like a surprise mule kick to the chest from a mile away. BOOOOOOM BITCH!

I think we went backstage for a few to get more drinks (yeah, like that was a good idea).  Shortly after, the skies parted and buckets of water fell from the sky for a solid 20 minutes.  It  got pretty bad,  it looked like the whole night  was going to get cancelled.

It stopped altogether and luckily Craze went on even though a little bit behind schedule.

Dj Craze

(bottom) Dj Klever, (top) Jake Jefferson, Dj Craze, Danny United, Flipz – Rok The Spot



Full Electric Daisy Carnival photo gallery click here…

12th Planet, Skrillex, Dirtyphonics, Diplo, Calvin Harris, Downlink, Datsik, Armanni Reign, Goldie and more!

Future Sound of Breaks 2011 Miami,FL

Believe it or not this was the first time I hit up Future Sound of Breaks.  I almost went last year but by the time I got to the venue it was kind of late in the night and the cover $ was pretty steep.
ANYWAY. This years line-up included  Planet of the Drums, Evol Intent, Excision, Zeds Dead, Hive and more.  But the biggest reason I wanted to go was because Dirtyphonics was performing.  I’ve played their DnB Arena Risky mix a fukkin trillion times since the first time I heard it.  I’d also seen some footage of their shows and there was no fukkin way I was going to miss out.

That was the first time I recall watching an entire set from beginning to end, 1 1/2 hours I believe.  The bass was kicking something fierce.  I had an out of body experience (I was sober btw).  I had at least 5 different people tell me that they were either new favorites or the best set they had seen in a while.  The whole night was a blast though.  Bailey, Evol Intent, A-Sides, Craze, Planet of the Drums all threw it down.
On a funny sidenote, I debated for a while whether or not to take my camera inside.  About 20 minutes of pacing outside the venue and 10 back in my car.  Its a good thing I did because I got to document the madness and people really enjoyed the photos.  I cant wait until next year!!!

More photos here…

Dj Craze – Vagabond Miami

Dj Craze came through one mo’gain to Vagabond for Shake in Miami.  Slow Roast parties are always a must, plus I have to show the home team support.  Ash Rock opened up for Craze, whose set was a more aggressive and even more bass heavy than usual.  That just goes to show Dj Craze’s infinite crowd controlling diversity.  He also didnt wear a hat, I wonder if that was the reason? Hmmm.

My home town Dj > your home town Dj

* Even though I said this over a year ago, look out for my homie Louie Arson.  He’s Slow Roast fam and can rock a party like no other.

Virus Syndicate MRK 1 at Get Low – Miami

Virus Syndicate ( MRK 1, JSD and Nika ) came through for Get Low and handled business.  It might sound like 2 mc’s over dubstep/dnb is overkill but yo, it was dope.  JSD and Nika did it. MRK 1’s tracks are already on point and they definitely got the crowd live.  Plus I got a DnB fix so Im good.

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Zeds Dead for Get Low in Miami

By far one of the rowdiest nights I’ve seen at Get Low. Zeds Dead came through and really just fucked shit up. A proper way to see off the last Get Low of the 2010.  Everybody lost their car keys and ironically I felt like I got hit by a Canadian Bass truck the next morning. Soooo worth it.

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