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Final_ IMG_0034

Cryptk x Daleast in progress


Mars x Ruby in Wynwood

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Agentes Libres (Free Agents) Chespirito tribute


Retna x Louis Vuitton



Sofles – Limitless

Very cool video for Ironlak.
Art by Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench
Selina Miles did a great job shooting/editing this video.

Weekend getaway: Members Only.

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How abouts some art-verk?

Special thanks to our friend Vanessa aka Camper Jane for the photo.

Hilary Coe : Can Love

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Hilary Coe is a part of the Can Love organization. They take scrapped cans to create new art pieces w/them. Everything from taking the can apart to using residual paint left inside. Dope.


Trinidad James portrait by Nick Castellanos


Our homie Nick Castellanos decided to make a portrait of Mr. “Popped a Molly Im Sweatin, WOOOOO” himself. Thats correct, Trinidad James.

Nick’s been down since the days of raw turkey sammiches and reggaeTon soup.

He’s a talented fellow. He nurses panda’s back to health, cuts Dwayne Wade and Lebron James hairs, and is also a karate master (he studied under Bruce Lee).

Trinidad James was really pleased w/the art work. He posted it on instagram and it got 90million likes. Lebron James also fux wid it.
Here now are some exclusive photos.

Follow Nick on Instagram: CastellaKnows

on da twitter: @NikeTyson

MF DOOM x Adidas

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The mothafukkin villain x 3 stripes in London.