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Sneaker Games at MACC

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Salute Erick and Joe for putting me on last minute.

Pete Rock x CL Smooth at Juxtapoz

Shoutout to Nick Hook cuz he got me to the backstage and I found my way to the top of the container for aerial shots while he ate exotic foods.

final_img_8234 final_img_8218

Redman x Method Man at iii Points

Redman and Method Man easily top performances of the weekend. A drone was flown on stage to deliver blunts and that about sums it all up.


Red Bull United States of Bass – Miami


Miami Bass. Bless you. And also bless the unwritten language of ass shaking. Bass music is like a holy hymn to a rite of passage for people that actually grew up in Miami. If you didn’t grow up here then you might dont fully understand, but that doesnt matter cuz it feels good to your spirit and also read the 3rd sentence. There was a little something for everyone in music styles and seeing/hearing how cities across the country put their spin on the bass sound. Luke, Laz and Craze were essential to have at this party. Uncle Luke is forever the mayor of Miami and you can argue wit’cho grandma about the credibility of that statement. Laz is synonymous with Miami bass and Craze is without question one of the best dj’s on the planet. Egyptian Lover is OG triple OG. Sliink, Spinn and Earl repped Jersey as they should. TT the Artist went off and its always dope to see artists for the first time put on a great performance. We got a bit of a history lesson from Laz n Craze explaining how much the city has changed and how the bass sound ultimately has its roots in Miami. Just know! Booty dancing is not as prevalent as it once was, but it lives on. Its a sacred dance that must be passed on from generation to generation so that the earth continues on its proper course. So when I say dance like your life depends on it, I mean it.


Jazzy Jeff at Sidebar


Outlines_Brodinski Mr Carmack Shlomo and Yakki




Mr CarmackFinal_IMG_6255

Yakki + Brodinski + ShlomoFinal_IMG_6220Fashionable life advice

Rok The Spot is the Key

Made a new photographer pal at Becks Access partay.Final_IMG_3214_1

Jack Daniels Hotel No 7_Miami

Jack Daniels pop-up hotel. I made it the first day. The hotel theme was done well. To get to the secret rooms you had to get a room key from a member of the hotel staff. The jig was that you didn’t know specifically who had the key, so you had to ask everyone. My friends said her group split up to try and find a key. They were unsuccessful and came to the conclusion that you had to buy the key. I got lucky and Ahol got me in.

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Rae Sremmurd at Sidebar Miami

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Rae Sremmurd

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(top) Mike Will;(right) Eearz