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Ghunedirah – Blacklist EP

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Nike Huarache – Hyper Pink x Flamingo

When I’m not tip toein in mah Jawdinzsz I’m hoverin’ over these hoes in my huaraches.







T.R.A.V.E wave mixtape Rok The Spot x Keep It Gully x Louie Arson

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 2.31.22 PM


Take Risk And Visualize Expansion

Once again we’ve teamed up with the homies, Keep It Gully and Louie Arson (Slow Roast Records) to bring you some super duty tough work. Some sounds to aid you in reaching levels of ignorance your parents would be ashamed yet proud of because youre on a whole other level of gangster shit.
An intro by RTSA’s  own, Ghunedirah starts you out on a path of G shit. Louie is nice as he “chiwee chiwee” cuts n scratches tracks from Schoolboy Q, Hucci, Danny Brown, M.I.A, Aston Matthews, Katie Got Bandz, High Klassified and more. Bangin.

Rok The Spot x Keep It Gully = Trave Wave snapbacks



Now available at Shoe Gallery in Downtown Miami,FL.

Take Risks And Visualize Expansion.

ghunedirah trave pool
travewave gold hat travewave white hat

4 stack trave




RTSA logo Beanie

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Buy them here…





“Beer and Cereal” by Keep it Gully x Rok The Spot

Get on the trave wave, sukka.

Ski masks, cereal, beer, tits and a limousine.
Those are the ingredients to a recipe by Keep It Gully x Rok The Spot.

Video coming soon…

Full gallery here…

video – “Inkblots for dummies”

Video clip of  Carlos’ “Inkblots for dummies” legendary print.

Art Bastard is back.

Act like ya fukkin know.

Happy Halloweeeeen!!!

WMC 2012 is upon us…

Welp, one of the best holidays of the year is here one mo’gain.


Heres a look at some spots where we feel you should be doin the damn thang. Cuz we’re getting doooooowwn, ya diiiiiiig?!


Moombahton Massive @ Grand Central:
We fux with Moombahton, HEAVY.
To me it sounds like electro reggaeton and also party gods answering my prayers of bassy music that sessy girls can really get down to. Hot girls fuck with dubstep but with moombahton you get also get the girls that usually go out in heels and shit and make them act like releasing their inner chonga. If you’ve never heard it but enjoy having fun then shut your face and stop by. This is a who’s who of Moombahton move makers. Im excited to see the Buraka Som Sistema mc set cuz I aint seent that before. Ive seen J-Wow spin before and he’s dope. Im ru-heeeeeally hoping one cat who shall remain unmentioned comes through and rips shit. Moombahton Massive in Miami without him just wouldnt be right. Sandungueo!!!

* I also want some fukkin Nada empanadas and Smoothie Wolf.

Check this out in the mean time:
Nadastrom x Sabo – HARD Miami Moombahton Massive Mix



Smog vs Basshead @ Mekka
Fukkin ay, dawg. Really? This needs no type of explanation. I guess this is dedicate to the folks that swore dubstep was a trend and would only last a few months. Sucks to be you. Years later we still have this going on.  All I can say is get there early cuz it will sell out and be packed as fuck. Smog and Basshead dont mess around.

More bass than you’ll know what to do with. Rill tawk.

*Much respect to Juan Basshead for holding down Miami forever.



* Fools Gold rap party

Future Sound of Breaks – 10yr Anniversary @ Mekka
This lineup is too intense.
Much respect to Mr Glynn Morgan and his crew for continuously putting together top notch madness.

Oh yeah, ARAAB MUZIK!!!


Never forget…
*Keep checking for updates!!!