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4loko CoconutFinal_IMG_9148

Seleccion Colombia 1990 World Cup Jersey

Wonderful bday gift from my godmother.Final_IMG_5999

Money Truck Comin’round

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Its’a followin me.Final_IMG_9165

Abella Danger back that up pt 1

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Met Ms Abella Danger during MMW when she was hangin w/Karlee Gray. She does indeed enjoy shakin that. And shakin. And sh-sh-shaaaakin. I have it on video somewhere so stay tuned.Final_IMG_3303_1

Nike Air Max Zero Sulfur


Dreads n portraits

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Rok The Spot is the Key

Made a new photographer pal at Becks Access partay.Final_IMG_3214_1

Jack Daniels Hotel No 7_Miami

Jack Daniels pop-up hotel. I made it the first day. The hotel theme was done well. To get to the secret rooms you had to get a room key from a member of the hotel staff. The jig was that you didn’t know specifically who had the key, so you had to ask everyone. My friends said her group split up to try and find a key. They were unsuccessful and came to the conclusion that you had to buy the key. I got lucky and Ahol got me in.

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I was asked 43 x if I was MF DOOM.




Nike x Concepts Trainer 1.0 “Thermal”

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Final_IMG_2733 Final_IMG_2734