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I forgot to post this

I did this one over a year ago

Futuristic Medusa

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Finished this piece a while ago just been to busy to upload my latest work

Laughing at Adversity

One of the quickest pieces ive done in a while. Cant remember the last time I completed a piece without somehow frustrating myself .Special thanks to Gabby for reminding me that the process of creating art is suppose to be fun. Thats pretty much the way i remember art being when i was a little kid. I  really needed that . (insert a big smiley face here !!!!)

Arrogant Motherfucker

No offense to Mr. Lif but thats the title that popped in my head when I was  looking at the picture on my laptop. Mr. Lif is actually a pretty cool dude btw. Anyways Im experimenting with new forms of mixed media (atleast for me) . I was really psyched about completing this one.  -Carlos #ArtBastard


Clams Casino- Im God (video)

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One of my new favorite producers

Love is timeless.Love is the key

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One of the good things that came out of me being sick the past couple of days was me being able to stay at home  and finally finish this piece

We…Got..Mail…. YAAAAYYYYY!!!! (NSFW)

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So this young lady claims to have been following us since 09. She first caught wind of Rok The Spot when she saw our stickers all over the Lower East Side , NY and has been keeping up with us since then. She claims to be a big fan of the new site ,artwork and the style we choose to write our articles/content(THANKS!!! =D ). She has suggested for us to put this picture on our Home Page but I dont wanna give people the impression that this is a pornsite (Even though im pretty sure we’ll a million more viewers in a day. Umm maybe i should think it over).

Thanks for the support we really do appreciate it. I personally feel like a modern day Jimi Hendrix right now. May God bless your beautiful soul, courage and that great future he has put behind you!!!

For fans that wanna submit pictures containing RokTheSpot content do so to: Rokthespot at gmail. com

Twitter- @CarlosRTSA (thats me)  and  @RokTheSpot (my brother Flipz5, he’s a handsome devil i tell ya)

Panda Fucker (NSFW)

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I will never look at girls that have stuffed animals in their room the same after this video …Thank you Soya for bringing me to a better understanding when it comes to learning about really hot women…On a side note im pretty sure that stuffed Panda came to life after she finished recording this video.

DJ Woodo vs. J-Loop – Believe In Fate? …and old Bboy drawing

Being able to go off on my uprock is always a good sign of me recovering from a flu/fever. Certified flavor for days homie.Fuck you and your Dougie dance…this is a bboy character i drew of myself  in  “07” while I was bored in my Graphic Design class .I tried to go as simple as possible on the character since most bboy characters look like they were drawn by the same guy.