On set w/Victoria Secret model Fabiana Semprebom for Blue Beach Swimwear

Did I tell you about the time I worked with a Victoria’s Secret model? Well its goes a little something like this…

I had the chance of working on set w/world class model, Fabiana Semprebom. I had asked our homie Leroy Rosario mad long ago to holler at a pimp if he ever needed help on any photo shoots. Sure enough he was the producer for an upcoming shoot and asked me if I would be down to help him out. I asked him for details and I heard 3 things. Yacht. Mansion. Brazilian Supermodel. The answer was ABSOLUTELY! FUCK YES! He put me on board to be lighting asst. At the time I didnt know what that meant but theres no way I was passing up on this opportunity.

Day 1 – Yacht

8am and the weather looked horrid. The clouds were thick, I thought there was no way the sun would come out. But the sun actually came out and thats why Im not a meteorologist. We took off from somewhere in Key Biscayne. The photographer showed up late but in his defense it was a few hours from where he was at. But he showed up w/like 3 days worth of groceries which was perfect cuz I was hungry again. Croissanwiches, whattup!

First, we went out to Stiltsville which is in I dont know where. Its a bunch of houses on stilts in the middle of the water. I have to make clear, that as soon as the camera started clicking I knew exactly why Fabiana was a super model. Obviously she looks fantastic in a bikini but she commands the attention of the camera so effortlessly. Its very impressive.  A few photos were taken with the stilt homes as the backdrop and I also ate more croissanwiches. We were scheduled to go to a private island for the second part of the shoot but that fell through, so we cruised the bay around downtown Miami instead.


Day 2 – A mansion at Miami Beach

I had to do a starbucks run for the crew before we started shooting, which was fine cuz it took about an hour and I was getting paid to wait for coffee. People at the beach sure do love them some coffee. Sheesh.

3 story mansion w/an elevator. Each floor was large enough to be considered a big ass house. I remember 2 pools and its pretty much one of those MTV Crib type homes. Bawse. Almost the same size as my place…::looks around, crosses fingers wishfully::

That was a chill day. Towards the end I had to hold an umbrella over her because we’d been in the sun all day and  she was getting sun burnt. It was an honor to protect her from the vicious rays of the sun.
Fabiana was super nice the whole time. I was afraid she was gonna be a super model diva that you hear nightmares stories about, but that was not the case, at all. She never  threw any phones at me. Fabiana was soft spoken and friendly. She didn’t complain once and was super polite. Even when she was cutting it close to missing her flight because the shoot was running late, she stuck around. She ended up missing her flight btw =/

Overall it was a great experience. Cool crew to work with as well.





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