Black Magic Mystical Wonder Tour – Orlando,FL

Long story short…

2 hours before they leave (from Miami), I find out I can ride w/them to shoot.

Bust mission to leave gig early so I can meet it on time. Got there on time.

30min in to ride up there, camera wont turn on.

Send out MASSIVE SOS’s the entire trip. Very close to success but in the end, no camera.

Sooooo close.

*Shouts to Serge and Roxie tho for helping.

Soooooooo I took a bunch of Vine videos to document and got le’ very drunk.

Work w/what you have and win.

First things first, a message from Brillz ft Craze and Kill the Noise.

Shouts to Louie, Craze, Serge and Rudy.

Fun trip overall.


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