Hard Fest – Moombahton Massive

Hands down our favorite party of WMC 2012. Dave Nada said it was his favorite in a long time and every person there would agree they had  a fukkin blast. My official rating is that it went 2 x Ham and 3 x Ratchet. Double Ham. Triple Ratchet. Maybe even triple Hammer time.

Plenty of cameos too. Evol Intent, Kill the Noise, Zeds Dead, A-Trak, Jessie Andrews, MUNCHI!!!, Plastician, 12th Planet, The Others, Caspa, Congo Rock, Spider Man, Roxy Cottontail, Kid Cedek, Vicious Viv and probably a million more.

There had been speculation (mostly by me) about whether or not empanadas would be available for purchase. You know, holding up the moombah mass tradition. Sadly there were none, so I made up for it in the video.

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